Saturday, January 23, 2021

NPYC concerned of suffering of people in Nagaland

Dimapur, May 12: The Nagaland Pradesh Youth Congress (NPYC) has expressed concerned over the sufferings of the people of the state during this ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.
The NPYC said though Nagaland is placed in the Green Zone against COVID-19, but with a view to contain the import of virus, people may have to continue to live at the present precarious situation for sometime more.
While appreciating both the Centre and State Government for extending essential food items as relief to various sections of the people, the NPYC asked how long would the government of the day be in a position to extend such relief both through cash and kind as Nagaland is a resource crunch state.
It opined that the Government of Nagaland needs to come out with proper policies and programs for public sustenance, specially through the Agri & allied sector, instead of mere hollow utterances of giving efforts in improving the sector.
In order to make the Agri & allied sector sustainable, the State government also needs to focus towards the performances of PHED, PWD and Power departments as they play crucial role in the overall economic enhancement of the state, it added.
In a press release, NPYC president, Vilhousielie Kenguruse said with the COVID-19 pandemic engulfing the entire country, including neighbouring states, sooner or later the supplies that Nagaland gets from other states would be in shortage with the decrease in productivity. Therefore, NPYC requested the State government to prepare the state well in advance, lest it would be too late.
Meanwhile, NPYC expressed hope that the State government and Department of Health & Family Welfare sincerely work to have its own COVID-19 testing labs, i.e. BSL3 and BSL2 functional at earliest so that the State does not have to depend on others for testing of suspected samples.
NPYC further appealed not only to the state government but also all concerned citizens to re-inculcate our forefathers’ practice of self-sufficiency and sharing with the community and fight a good fight to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic. (Page News Service)