NPSA opposes proposal to promote incumbent DIG (F&ES)

NPSA opposes proposal to  promote incumbent DIG (F&ES)

Dimapur, September 19: The Nagaland Police Service Association (NPSA) has objected to the proposal for promotion of the incumbent DIG (F&ES), which is under consideration by the state Government and has been listed as one of the agenda during the Cabinet meeting held on September 19.
The Association demanded the state Government to drop the proposal stating that the ex-Cadre post of IGP (Fire Services) was created and sanctioned by the Government of Nagaland for the NPS Cadre vide Government of Nagaland, Home Department Notification No. POL-1/ESTT/343/98 Dated 2nd Nov’ 2011 and issued after Cabinet approval vide CAB-2/2008 Dated 02/07/2010 and clearance P&AR Deptt. Vide U.O. No. 212 Dated 20/08/2011.
It said in this regard, several representations and memoranda for encadrement of the said Ex-Cadre post into the regular Nagaland Police Service Cadre and posting of NPS officers has bee submitted by the Association to the Government over the years for which the State Government is requested once again to act on the order instead of creating more hurdles.
A press release issued by NPSA president, Videlalie Zashumo and general secretary, Watichuchang Jamir stated that the Association has been demanding the posting of senior most NPS officer to hold the current charge of IGP (Fire Services) which lying vacant at present.
It justified its demand stating that the existing extraordinary situation prevailing in the State due to lack of officer of appropriate seniority, all Senior Duty Post from DIGP and above is holding current charge of the post. There cannot be two different yardsticks for the NPS officers who are equally qualified and experienced to hold the post, it stated.
Stating that the Association has no mala fide intention to sabotage the career progression of any deserving State officer, it said the extraordinary career progression of the said officer who was promoted to the rank of DIG (F&ES) in 2010 in only his 15 years of service is a remarkable achievement and the present sinister proposal for promotion to IG (F&ES), which is sanctioned post of the NPS Cadre, within 20 years of service would be unprecedented for a State Officer and comparable to the time-bound career progression of an IPS Cadre officer.
The Association said the present proposal for promotion of the incumbent DIG (F&ES) to IG (F&ES) lacks justification and is unacceptable to the Association.
The Association demanded the State Government for withdrawal of proposal from whichever stage it has reached.
“If any decision is taken on the purposed promotion contrary to the rightful demand of the Association as stated above, the NPSA shall be compelled to take recourse to Legal or Constitutional remedies to redress their genuine demand,” the release stated. (Page News Service)