NPRAAF withdraws appeal to CIC on appointment of Advisors

NPRAAF withdraws appeal to CIC  on appointment of Advisors

Dimapur, June 15: The Nagaland Public Rights Awareness and Action Forum (NPRAAF) has decided to withdraw its appeal to the Central Information Commission (CIC) filed online on June 11 after the Chief Secretary Office PIO forwarded the RTI reply of Cabinet Secretariat (Cabinet Cell) dated 5th June 2018 on June 13, and handed over on June 14 with regret for the delay.
In a press release, NPRAAF said it accepted the RTI reply from the Cabinet Secretariat and decided to withdraw the appeal from CIC.
The NPRAAF, however, said it is not satisfied with the RTI response that the Advisors (MLAs) were appointed as per Rule 5 & 23 of Nagaland Executive Business 2016. It said the Nagaland Rules of Executive 5 (4) clearly states that the appointed Advisers/parliamentary secretaries shall be administered oath of secrecy by the Chief Minister.
“Therefore, the appointment of advisers clearly violated the Nagaland Rules of Executive 2016, as the Advisors were not administered oath of secrecy by the Chief Minister,” it said.
The forum said the appointment of Advisors was illegal as it is against the Supreme Court judgment on 26th July 2017, as the Nagaland Rules of Executives 2016, in Rules 5 (3) & (4) clearly expounds that the powers of parliamentary secretaries and Advisors are same in nature.
NPRAAF appreciated the Government of Nagaland for not providing any facilities, including perks, salaries and other allowances to all PDA members except the chairman and co-chairman of PDA as per RTI reply, but also demanded that all facilities provided to the PDA chairman and co-chairman should also be removed immediately, saying the Government cannot give preferential treatment to any person.
NPRAAF also demand that the name and style of status as Cabinet Ministers and Ministers of State tagged on the PDA members should be done away so that in the name of the status some members may not flaunt their position.
The forum further expressed surprise that some PDA members are illegally using the National flag in their cars, which, it said, is nothing but flaunting of their self importance status, and requested the Government to have grip on its members to avoid embarrassment.
The NPRAAF informed that it has communicated to the Chief Secretary and other important elected members in the PDA Government about its desire to settle the issue once and for all by having a sitting with the Chief Minister, and said it expects to have an audience with the CM on his return from New Delhi. (Page News Service)