NPRAAF opposes appointment of ‘backdoor Ministers’

NPRAAF opposes appointment of ‘backdoor Ministers’

Dimapur, May 8: The Nagaland Public Rights Awareness and Action Forum (NPRAAF) has reiterated opposition against non-MLAs being accorded Minister’s rank. It termed the political party functionaries appointed to ranks of Ministers as “backdoor Ministers”.
In a press release, the NPRAAF said it opposes the unconstitutional rank accorded to party functionaries as Cabinet Ministers and Minister of State with salary, allowances, perks and other facilities, which it said comes directly within the purview of Sec 21 IPC.
The Government action goes against the ruling of the Supreme Court on July 26 2017, which stated that Article 194 does not authorize the State legislative to create office of profit even by legislation and the action of the Government has gone against it, which amounts to outwitting the constitutional mandate contained in Article 164 (1A), which was adopted with a view to minimize the expenditure on office of profit, it stated.
NPRAAF said it will never endorse the State Government to use State exchequer at will to sponsor the PDA members or any constitutionally unsanctioned post when the State Government is in deep financial crisis, finding it difficult even to pay salary to the Government servants besides being unable to pay bills to the contractors.
The release informed that NPRAAF has asked for detail information from the Chief Secretary’s office as well as parliamentary affairs about the powers and functions of the “backdoor Ministers”, and salary, perks and allowances paid including any other facilities provided to the non-legislators made “Ministers from backdoor” and under which provision of law they were given the rank and status of Ministers.
“It will be at the best of Govt. interest to cancel, suspend or rectify the appointments letter immediately and serve the people meaningfully rather than engaging itself in legal confrontation which will ultimately affect even the appointment of Advisors who are bereft of Cabinet and Minister rank and status even as an elected legislators,” it said adding NPRAAF will never allow the State Government to misuse public money for appeasement of party functionaries unconstitutionally.
On the statements issued by different political parties justifying the appointment of PDA members in Minister’s rank, the NPRAAF clarified that it is not against the appointment of PDA members to coordinate between ruling alliance party. “Rather they can appoint more PDA members if deem necessary. It is absolutely the political parties discretion,” it added.
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