NPRAAF claims irregularities in NRDWP implementation

NPRAAF claims irregularities in  NRDWP implementation

Dimapur, July 17: The Nagaland Public Rights Awareness and Action Forum (NPRAAF) has alleged irregularities in the implementation of National Rural Drinking Water Programme (NRDWP) by the State PHE Department in Nagaland.
In a press release, NPRAAF said it had filed an RTI in the Department of PHE on May 7 asking to furnish copy of Actual Payment Receipt (APR) and documentary proof/photos of works executed and completed under National Rural Drinking Water Programme (NRDWP) and show expenditure in break up division/district wise from 2015-2018. However, NPRAAF said the department could not furnish the same even after lapse of mandated period under RTI Act.
NPRAAF said the department furnished vaguely prepared chart, scheme-wise expenditure statement on utilization of amount from 2015-17 after inordinate delay on July 14. From the RTI reply, NPRAAF said it picked some completed sites of the projects randomly to inquire if the schemes in question were satisfactorily carried out, but found that none of the schemes were completed satisfactorily nor were implemented as per Government of India guidelines.
NPRAAF said it physically verified the drinking water project under Tseminyu town which was sufficiently funded under NRDWP under various heads. The department chart reads the project as completed, however the project is incomplete despite adequate funding by the ministry of drinking water and sanitation. The chart also reads that Rs 2,50,000 was sanctioned to a union at Kohima during 2015-16 under NRDWP drinking water scheme, which NPRAAF said is out-rightly in contravention to GoI guidelines and therefore illegal.
Informing that in spite of impropriety in utilization of fund by the State Government, the Union Ministry of Drinking Water & Sanitation has further sanctioned Rs 1736.21 lakhs under NRDWP during 2018-19 on April 8, 2018. the NPRAAF urged the public to be vigilant to ensure that the amount meant to provide drinking water under the said scheme is implemented strictly as per GoI guidelines unlike in the previous year.
NPRAAF also informed that it will monitor all the programme under NRDWP and will not allow the fund to go to the hands of unscrupulous persons so that the scheme truly benefits the people. “If the fund meant for the specific projects under the schemes is diverted or misused, NPRAAF will not hesitate to write to the Govt of India apprising the same, and to put fund embargo till proper measures are taken to judiciously implement the programme,” it warned. (Page News Service)