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NPP president Dr Sema launches Miraculum Society Nagaland


KOHIMA, JULY 1: The Miraculum Society, Nagaland, an NGO without any objective of profit making but to render services throughout the State regardless of tribe and creed was launched by National Peoples’ Party (NPP) Nagaland president Dr Andrew Ahoto Sema at Kohima today.
Miraculum is a Latin word which means Miracle, Wonder and Marvel. The motto of the society, started by Miss Nagaland 2019 Vikuonuo Sachu is “Purpose to nurture and build”.
In her introductory note, Sachu, who is also the Chairperson of the Society, said that it was formed with the purpose of promoting and spreading education.
It would also help and raise the well-being of less privileged people.
The main purpose of this organisation is to provide opportunities for study and research and to make the findings available to anyone by arranging educational seminars and meetings, said Sachu.
It would also offer cooperation and assistance to benevolent schemes which are in accordance with the objects of the Society, whether such schemes are undertaken by the States or Central Government, by public or Central Government/agencies.
Miraculum Society also aims to actively engage in educational institutions, spiritual development and promote cultural understandings among people and to offer assistance and support to such trusts or societies and respond to their invitation, she said.
“It is an outlet where people can contribute and help a group or certain societies who are in dire need of help”, said Sachu.
“Forming a society is a big dream for me. And naming it as “The Miraculum Society”, gave me another reason to believe in fulfillment through prayer, faith, dedication and hard work”, said Sachu.
Inaugurating The Miraculum Society, President of National People’s Party (NPP), Nagaland, Dr. Andrew Ahoto Sema hoped that this Society will bring a lot of reformation in nurturing of the Naga society and also beyond the State boundary.
Right now, he said, the young generations are quite good in many aspects however he challenged them to look beyond and help one another.
Stating that Nagas are changing for good because of good hospitality and good hearts, he said “I would love our Nagas to have beautiful hearts along with beautiful minds.”
Miraculum Society Nagaland launches Project CCC Noklak
As the first project of the Miraculum Society, Project CCC (Creative Centre for Children) for Noklak district with Task Force for Music & Arts (TaFMA) as talent partner was launched today to provide access to learning materials to the people in the border areas.
Miraculum Society assistant general secretary Agnis Ngullie informed that this project is for construction of a library and creativity centre for children, she said.
The mission for construction of the library is to create, develop, and strengthen reading habits in early age children and newly literate people.
It also aims at supporting formal and informal education, providing opportunities for self development, creating awareness of cultural heritage, supporting oral creations, ensuring access to all sorts of community information, facilitating the development of information and computer literacy skills and supporting and participating in literacy programmes for all age groups.
The prime role to establish this library is to give opportunity to young minds to utilize their creativity, intelligence and effort.
Stating that the children’s section of the public library is organized and operated in such a manner that it takes special care from an early age, The Miraculum Society stated “This section may be equipped with pictures, children books, toys, etc. that can develop and stimulate creative attitudes and personal growth in children.”
To achieve this, programmes like film shows, fancy dress, story hours, dramas, recitation, etc. may be organized to bring awareness among children, she said.
“If our children are provided with their creative developmental sets, they will bear in mind and will follow when they grow old and can behave as good citizens of the community”, it observed.
Launching the Project CCC, TaFMA Advisor Theja Meru urged the youngsters to dream big and never stop dreaming. “If we do not dream, we don’t achieve”, he said.
Stating that good attitude is everything in life, he told the youngsters to start thinking on the aspects that “Nagaland has two million dreams and not problems”.
He also wanted to see Nagaland as a land of dreams and a land of opportunities.
“We can do it if we change our attitude… if we can change our minds, we can change Nagaland too”, said Meru.
Project Executive and Consultant of The Miraculum Society, Nagaland, Kevingunyii Mere chaired the programme while the welcome address was delivered by Lovi Jidoji.
Assistant Pastor CRC Bayavü Sedekhriezo invoked God’s blessing, Keneinguvo Nagi presented a special number and Advisor of the society Dode Nakro tendered the vote of thanks. (Page News Service)