Friday, June 18, 2021
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NPP Nagaland on RPP’s remark

NPP Nagaland is disappointed at the blanket statement made by Joel Naga, the erstwhile Chairman of ACAUT and the President of Rising People’s Party, a newly formed political party in the State. While NPP appreciates and congratulates Joel Naga for his new party, however, NPP does not take well his remarks made with a far sighted vision and the rhetorical speech/statement he recently gave, to NC News Desk on 9th June, 2021 wherein he stated that his “party will fight the elections on issues, while other political parties will use money power to win the elections”.
NPP believes that it is wrong to blindly brand all the political party under one umbrella that is to win election with money as the central theme of a political party. NPP would like to counter his statement as absurdity and is sceptical of if this RPP erstwhile ACAUT, Global Naga, Rising Naga etc is an old win in a new bottle? Every political party should realize that the public has had enough and now have opened up their eyes widely, during this Covid crises and cannot be taken for a ride any more. On the other hand Public are aware and well informed about various political party’s ideologies and their moves for which they are monitoring the situation very closely. We only hope the erstwhile RPP leader will have enough creditability to support all his lofty false promises. So before rising and fizzling out like pop corn or carbonated soda drinks the NPP advise Joel Naga to make appropriate statement.
NPP would like to remind Mr. Joel Naga that since its inception NPP has always stood for its people, integrity and also stands firmly on their ideologies.
NPP has always believed and worked under its motto, “One Voice One Northeast” while Political transparency and accountability is of utmost priority. NPP also take pride in promoting women, young talents and giving importance to young leadership like Smt. Agatha K. Sangma who is a lone woman MP Lok Sabha from the North East India and Dr. Wanweiroy Kharlukhi, a young articulated MP from Meghayala to Rajya Sabha. NPP has also profiled proudly for taking a stand on the issues of North East India and tribal welfare of India for which the people are the witness.
IPR & Media Cell,
NPP Nagaland State

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