Wednesday, August 4, 2021
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NPP Nagaland on present Covid situation

NPP expresses their gratitude to all frontline workers who are relentlessly working at these challenging times and are making remarkable difference by putting their lives at stake. NPP, would at the same time like to thank APC Nagaland, Shri. Y. KikhetoSema, (IAS), in effectively handling and trying to curb the situation through his sheer commitment.
Furthermore, in our assessment of the State Government’s measures of tackling the current pandemic we are utterly dismayed by the partial treatment meted out or in better words, relentlessly showing favoritism to the capital. It is disheartening to see how the government is executing a step motherly treatment to the rest of the Districts when Kohima itself is oversaturated with development. If such partiality remains then why not take the maximum number of burden or covid patience in their fold. Needless to say statistically Dimapur has been the worst effected from this pandemic more than the previous year and especially when it has become the transit center for quarantine personals, the government has played a blind eye from the very beginning and even thought it was a wiser idea to install the BS- 3 lab first in Kohima. Then again to see that a bigger O2 plant was set up in Kohima, which is said to produce 300 liters per minutes when the situation is more critical in Dimapur and in utmost need of the hour, yet the government chose to install a smaller capacity of 200 liters per minutes. The NPP, does not condone this unjust handling of COVID relief procedures by the Government. It would be only fair if the government handles the situation according to need based centric instead of political or tribal centric narrow views. One should stop playing with human medical needs.
The NPP would also like to get a clarification from the Family Health & Welfare department on why no efforts were taken to strengthen and revitalize the sole BMA Oxygen manufacturing plant in Nagaland for any eventualities. In the interview with Nagaland Today, online, dated 10 July 2019, the Proprietor B. Imti Aier commented that the Department spends Rs. 2.3 crores annually to import Oxygen Gas from Jorhat, Assam whereas the same could be procured from BMA which is one of the best quality of air manufactured at the cost of Rs.70 to 75 Lakhs annually thereby saving the state treasury by Rs. 1.55 crores. Why is the department not procuring from BMA and rather choose the import from Assam at the higher rate?
NPP at this hour only hopes and pray that the government with gained wisdom and experience from past episode is now well equipped and prepared to face any worst eventualities if yet to come and by not simply ignoring the truth and swiping off the dirt under the rug.
NPP expresses apprehensive of the RANDOM Covid testing, if not carried out hygienically. Hypothetically speaking, if the positive person sneezes or breathes out the virus on the gloves of the health worker it could subsequently have negative consequences as it will have a ripple effect of contamination, on the fresh testing bud which is ready to collect the sample from a negative person. And therefore, NPP beseech every item going in and out of the hospital be thoroughly and regularly disinfected including the Ambulance, Oxygen cylinders, PPE Suits, equipments, pathways, waiting area etc. NPP query may be too blunt, but if think seriously, it is a matter of life and death for every citizen right now and therefore there should not be any loose ends, faulty or improper testing procedure which may lead to several blunders and loss of lives.
NPP, applause the Railway department for making available the converted train coaches for temporary Covid hospital care but it is critical on the feasibility due to various factors; such as; the severe hot temperature condition inside the coaches, conceivable technical difficulties to replenish water in the train, issues of poor security and improper security fencing, accommodation issue for healthcare worker & inaccessibility for ambulance on any SOS. It urges the DTF to first do a proper assessment before it becomes functional even to be used for poor, migrant workers who does not have the home isolation facility as and when the capacity at Covid Care Centre, Chumukedima is exhausted as decided by DTF. It is worth mentioning that the claimed 160 bed is not plausible as it can only accommodate eighty (80) persons since the distance between two beds is hardly one and half feet which goes against the SOPs. Thus, there needs to be a re-evaluation and a logistic take on the probability of Train coaches as COVID temporary hospitals for several safety reasons and not merely giving service as a pacifier or an eye wash.
NPP sincerely urge all citizens to voice out by shedding aside our personal differences and collectively think about the welfare of the people who are suffering and need desperate help at this time. We should not shy away from highlighting the lapses of the government but give constructive criticism for the welfare of all. NPP reassures its unflinching support to all concerned including the State Government for every possible support.
“Let good sense and development prevail for all without biasness”

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