Wednesday, March 3, 2021

NPO lauds Naga Hoho

Dimapur, August 4: The Naga Public Organization (NPO), Lahe Town, Naga self-administered zone in Myanmar, has extended support to the Naga Hoho (NH) for its dedication to Naga unification.
“We the Naga Public Organization (NPO) make hereby our sincere support to the praiseworthy organization, the Naga Hoho for your long sacrificed and dedication to Naga unification. It is crucially important for Nagas of all regions to have such a common platform,” said the NPO in a letter to Naga Hoho.
“We are enlightened by your history as you have made invaluable efforts for the Naga future by representing and offering the spirit of “One Naga”. In response to the emergence of superiority of Naga nationalism, the Spirit of Oneness that exists in our hearts, we are aware that there may be many stumbling blocks to your achievements. We would like to encourage and support you to continue your representation for the Nagas.”
The NPO also appealed to all Naga institutions from Naga areas and tribal organizations in the present state of Nagaland in particular to join hands and come together to strengthen Naga Hoho for our common interest.
(Page News Service)