Saturday, September 18, 2021
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NPMHR, NGBF condemns Myanmar military ops against Nagas


Dimapur, May 22: The Naga Peoples Movement for Human Rights (NPMHR) has condemned the atrocious military operations against the Nagas of Burma, where the entire civil population is reeling under gun fire, bombardments and reign of terrors, which has been unleashed on them since May 16.
Till now many Naga leaders and villagers are been arrested and detained by both the Burmese military and Indian Military, it said.
Quoting latest reports, NPMHR said 20 villagers of Hoyat have been arrested on May 21 by Indian army while returning from Monyakshu, who were forced to collect food and ration from the Indian army by the Burmese military now camped at Hoyat.
NPMHR strongly urged both the Governments of Burma and Government of India, to release the Naga leaders and villagers, while drawing the attention of the Indian civil and democratic organizations and institutions and also international communities as well as the United Nations.
NGBF: The Nagaland GB Federation has condemned the Myanmar military (Tatmadaw) for continuing attack on NSCN (K) and for creating a war like situation risking and affecting the lives of Nagas living in that region.
“The atrocities carried out against Nagas by the Myanmar’s military, bombard the areas near Chen Hoyat village and creating havoc in the villages are a matter of serious concern,” it said in a press release.
The NGBF stated that at the behest of the military, Myanmar has imposed unwarranted and arbitrary sanctions, fund cuts and disruption of essential supplies to the people resulting in untold misery and suffering. “It is more surprising that the offensive operation has been carried out when they are still under the ceasefire agreement which was signed in2012. Such act of treason must be condemned by one and all including the International organizations.”
Declaring that Nagas are living in their God’s given land either in Myanmar or India, the NGBF said no outside forces should even think to invade forcibly. Nagas are one irrespective of geographical boundaries; we are united to protect our Naga nation and our political right, it said while also appealing to the international organizations to intervene immediately and stop further human right violations in the name of military operation. (Page News Service)