Monday, April 12, 2021
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NPMHR calls for a negotiated & binding settlement


Dimapur, October 29: The Naga Peoples’ Movement for Human Rights (NPMHR) has called for a negotiated and binding settlement between India and Nagas.
In a memorandum submitted to Prime Minister of India today, the NPMHR said any agreement signed should promote justice and peace; strengthen democracy of both the Nagas and India and nurture a new relationship between the Nagas and India.
The memorandum also wanted that any agreement signed must clearly lay down grounds and foundation for its implementation. “A mechanism must be created beforehand to ensure that the signed agreement is binding on the signatories,” it said.
The NPMHR also drew the attention of the Prime minister that there is a situation manufactured by the pronouncement of a deadline, which it said is devoid of the spirit of reconciliation, recognition and mutual respect. “It appears as a facade to stalling a solution to the protracted conflict. We have every reason to believe that a war-like situation is returning in the Naga homeland that will cost both India and the Nagas dearly, including the neighbouring states in the region,” it said.
Stating that the Indo-Naga negotiation it recognize is between two morally equal and distinct entities seeking a political solution guided by universal democratic values and human rights standards, it said, “While the negotiations occur under circumstances determined by India, we expect the world’s largest democracy to demonstrate political maturity and foresight in resolving this political conflict with fairness and dignity.”
The NPMHR also accused RN Ravi, the interlocutor representing the Prime Minister of India, of unilaterally setting a deadline of 31st October 2019 to conclude the peace talk. This, NPMHR said, contravenes the agreed principles i.e., ‘without pre-condition.’
A workable and realistic deadline must be agreed upon by the negotiating parties, it said and wanted that an understanding on the deadline between the negotiating parties is reached without jeopardizing the process.
“Honourable Prime Minister, we urge that the negotiating parties learn from the consequences of the history of broken accords and not repeat it. We reiterate that imposition of a deadline after 22 years of negotiation is arbitrary and reflects lack of political will and vision on the part of GoI.”
The Naga rights body also observed that parties to the negotiation must be mindful of the fact that the public must be provided the civil and intellectual space to mobilize themselves to form opinions as right-holders to facilitate an agreement that is truly encompassing and durable.
“This is a fundamental necessity recognized and practiced in every matured democracy,” it said.
Informing that the Naga movement started in the form of letters and memorandum, the NPMHR said, “We continue to believe and uphold this tradition and write to you to place our concerns as a human rights group that was born out of the Indo-Naga conflict, guided by human values to protect and restore peace and dignity of our land and people.” It expressed hope in the political maturity and commitment the PM will show to the Naga people, and demonstrate his able leadership to the world. (Page News Service)