NPMCC installs Mahila Congress Flag


Dimapur, September 15: Nagaland Pradesh Mahila Congress Committee (NPMCC) today held the installation programme of the Mahila Congress Flag at Congress Bhavan, Dimapur.

NPMC President N Lucy unfurls the Mahila Congress flag in the presence of party leaders and workers

N Lucy, President, NPMCC, unfurled the Mahila Congress Flag and presented a brief history of the Mahila Congress. She said it was during the National Convention of Mahila Congress in 1984 that a new Constitution was approved and adopted to constitutionally convert the Congress Mahila Cell into an autonomous Frontal Organization and to name it the All India Mahila Congress (AIMC).
Adding that the AIMC started functioning as an Independent Frontal Organization within the AICC in the same year, Lucy appreciated Congress president for launching the new logo in August 2018 thereby giving a separate identity to the Congress women’s wing.
Appreciating the Congress leadership’s target to improve women’s representation in all spheres, she expressed optimism that the state Congress would facilitate this dream into a reality.
Addressing the programme, Khegholi Aomi, AICC Member, said women in the state are yet to achieve the desired level of empowerment in all fields. While elucidating on the responsibilities of women on the home and social fronts, she said these responsibilities leave little time to pursue economic and political activities thus hampering true empowerment particularly in these fields.
She called for all round encouragement from all sections of society to achieve true and practical women empowerment and not just empowerment on paper.
Stating that economic empowerment is also a crucial factor, she lamented that there are little or no women contractors in the state. She also said till date Nagaland has not elected a single woman MLA and called for a change in mindset towards supporting women to be empowered not only economically but politically.
Stating that women are capable of representing the people in the Assembly, she said the time is right to begin and elect women representatives.
Aomi also lamented the level of corruption which has gripped the state to its very core and said we as Christians being guided by Christian principles teaching us what is right from wrong, should learn to follow these guiding principles. She called for doing away with bitterness and ill-will and for likeminded friends to join hands to work together to uplift not only the party but also women in all spheres of society.
Appreciating the party loyalists present at the programme for their tireless and sincere commitment, Aomi said today, Congress is rid of opportunists and only the unwavering who believe in the principles and ideologies of the Party stand out. She exuded optimism that the Congress party will return to the corridors of power in the 2019 Lok Sabha election and encouraged the workers and members to remain steadfast.
Also addressing the programme, NPCC President, K. Therie said Nagaland faces a major crisis because despite women voters accounting for more than 50% of the voters, women candidates are still unable to get elected.
Drawing examples from women leaders across the world, Therie said Nagaland women are second to none and are capable of representing the people in all fields of life. Encouraging women to strive hard to achieve true empowerment, he called for all out support from all sections in line with the Congress’ policy to improve women’s representation.
He called on party leaders and workers to strategize to fight election on issues which will steer the future of the people. Adding that bribing for votes should not be the strategy, Therie said political fight against corrupt money is impossible as corruption is too deep rooted with those in the corridors of power while on the other hand law and order have become a thing of the past.
He also said Nagas today are faced with fragmentation and indecision which is prolonging the suffering of the people and urged for oneness and unity.
Therie said it is not an impossible thing to build a united front to achieve the goals that elude us today and said that the Congress is committed to finding a solution to ease the burden of the people.
Taking a jibe at PM Modi, Therie said if the PM heard his own promises to the nation before becoming PM, he would not vote for himself in the coming Lok Sabha Elections. Elucidating on the present national scenario, he said India is capable of giving a strong decision which will determine the ruling Government at the centre.
Stating that the future is very dark for the new govt., he exuded confidence that the Congress party is on the way to the forming the Central Government and urged the Congress Mahila leaders and workers to leave no stone unturned to reach the people as women have a crucial and indispensible role to play.
On the ensuing 2019 Lok Sabha election, Therie said the people should elect their MP from a national political party to be able to have a voice in Parliament because Regional MPs are barely given 1 to 2 minutes to speak making it impossible to raise their voice for their people.
He maintained that an MP should be part of a parliamentary Group to have a voice in Parliament and said the opportunity to send such an MP is coming in the ensuing Lok Sabha election.
Others who addressed the programme included Jonathan Ao, General Secretary, NPCC and A. Bendangyanger Jamir, Dimapur DCC President on behalf of DCC presidents. Sevi Chophy, President, AMC, Ghaspani-I invoked the Almighty’s blessings while vote of thanks was proposed by Asanuo Chishi, General Secretary, NPMC. (Page News Service)