Thursday, January 21, 2021
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NPGs taking ongoing peace talks as licence to tax public: ACAUT


Dimapur, February 17: ACAUT Nagaland today accused Naga political groups of taking the ongoing peace talks as a license to tax the helpless public.
“Most Naga political groups are united and truly reconciled only when it comes to sharing of taxes as spoils in terms of tenders, wholesaling, coupon-systems and monopolies,” it said.
The ACAUT expressed concern over the duping, robbery and kidnapping of Wilson Kenye by combined cadres of different Naga political groups and lamented that no action has been taken by their respective groups.
The modus operandi of cadres posing as used-car sellers and robbing Rs 6 lakhs from the buyer is the lowest form of business treachery, it said, adding when the victim filed an FIR he was kidnapped for another ransom of Rs 6 lakhs.
Stating that such atrocity and unreasonable behavior is beyond all human reasonable limits, the ACAUT demanded immediate payment of what rightfully belonged to Wilson Kenye and a public apology for the harassment meted out to him.
It applauded Wilson for doing the right thing to stand up for one’s right and asked more citizens to follow his example.
ACAUT further demanded from the various Naga political groups, whose cadres are involved in this heist, are given befitting punishment, and also requested state machineries to exercise their full power to see that such criminals are tried under relevant law of the land.
ACAUT also called upon all right thinking civil society organizations to unitedly condemn such dastardly of double victimization of Wilson Kenye for reporting.
ACAUT also requested the Chairman of Ceasefire Monitoring Group to officially involve and see that justice is served. (Page News Service)