NPF Youth Wing on CEEPL controversy


The Naga People’s Front Central Youth Wing is constrained to issue this press release on the report presented during the 2nd Session of the 13th Nagaland Legislative Assembly, showcasing the negligence of PDA Government under Chief Minister, Neiphiu Rio in all its glory. Responding to a Supplementary Question on why the PDA Government did not challenge the Kolkata High Court’s Interim Order of 14th May, 2018; Chief Minister, Neiphiu Rio pointed to the fact that all Advocates in Kolkata High Court were purchasable by Shyamalendu Ghosal, the Managing Director of CEEPL and thereby the abstinence.
The intention to conceal his Government’s dereliction of duty by coming up with such an unsavoury response on the floor of the Assembly is not only hilarious but unethical and least expected of a Chief Minister. Instead of challenging the said Interim Order in a higher Court of Law, direction was issued for accepting the two cheques of Rs. 35 Lakhs and Rs. 7 Lakhs released by CEEPL in favour of Home Commissioner, Nagaland on 16th May, 2018 and 2nd July, 2018 respectively.
After acceptance of the two Cheques released by CEEPL, Counter Affidavit was filed in Kolkata High Court only on 16th July, 2018. Apparently, this delay and negligence on the part of the State Government is what the Chief Minister’s Office prefers to interpret as “following up the case with utmost sincerity.”
The statement of the Chief Minister’s Office on what it called “Facts about CEEPL case at Kolkata Nagaland House” appearing in local dailies on Sunday is only a repetition of what the Leader of Opposition, TR Zeliang presented during the Half an-hour discussion under Rule 49, Chapter IX of the Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business in Nagaland Legislative Assembly. On the flip-side, if the Chief Minister had such concern as painted by the CMO in the local dailies; why did the Chief Minister fail to give a straight answer to the queries of the Leader of Opposition on the floor of the Assembly?
To a query of the Leader of Opposition, TR Zeliang on the detail of advices tendered by AG, Nagaland on the issue; the Chief Minister avoided giving any definite response despite the fact that Accountant General (AG), Nagaland had apprised the Government to accept the two Cheques ‘with objection.’ In this context, AG Nagaland, Balgopal should have advised the Government to challenge the Interim Order at the right time and not otherwise. But from the very man who stood in every Court against the former Chief Minister, TR Zeliang while he was in the chair; the NPF Party expects nothing but more confusion and chaos.
The alibi the Chief Minister cooked-up on the floor of the Assembly is not something the Naga people is going to buy anytime soon. Therefore, as current Chief Minister, Neiphiu Rio must come up with clearcut answers, the sooner the better, as to what answers were tendered by the AG, Balgopal and why the Interim Order of the Kolkata High Court of 14th May, 2018 was not challenged by the PDA Government.
During the First Session of the 13th Nagaland Legislative Assembly held from 13th-26th March, 2018; Neiphiu Rio, replying to the Leader of Opposition, admitted that, “ In regard to Shakespeare Sarani in Kolkata, I was then Home Minister as you have stated.” The same is recorded in Page-316 of the Official Report titled ‘Proceedings of the Thirteenth Nagaland Assembly’ published by the Nagaland Legislative Assembly. Leader of Opposition, TR Zeliang had raised Supplementary Questions based on this disclosure of Chief Minister, Neiphiu Rio who had admitted himself that he was Home Minister then. No further explanation is required and if at all the Chief Minister wish to steer clear of controversies, such erroneous reflection must be avoided at all cost in the near future.
The stand of the previous Government was very clear and several rounds of meetings were held among the then Chief Minister, TR Zeliang; Advocate General, Vikramjit Banerjee; Home Commissioner, Abhishek Singh and DRC Kolkata, Arenla Jamir to counter the claim of CEEPL. But with the change of guard, the stand of the Government has today taken a U-turn.
The Chief Minister’s Office preach of “clear proof and evidence of the transparency being adopted by the Government” on the issue of CEEPL but suffers defeat when it comes to clarifying as to why the Chief Minister expressed his regret to accept a CBI Enquiry on the matter as raised by the Leader of Opposition on the floor of the Assembly on 20th Sept. 2018. Should the Chief Minister “be congratulated and appreciated” for his attitude on such burning issues related to CEEPL, North East Handloom & Handicrafts and Hind Xerox & Forex?
To cut the entire story short, the Youth Wing suggest that the Chief Minister’s Office issue clarifications only after getting its facts and figures right. Otherwise, it may soon become a caricature of the already star-crossed Media & Communication Committee of the NDPP which continues to bag humiliation, one after another.
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Press & Media Wing
NPF Central Youth Wing

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