Sunday, May 9, 2021

NPF women wing slams NDPP

Dimapur, June 25: The NPF Central Women Wing has expressed shock and resentment at the NDPP statement branding Dr Shurhozelie Liezietsu a ‘liar ‘, which it said has deeply hurt the sentiments of all party men and women.
Condemning the “blatant act of lie and deceit” from the NDPP camp against the NPF president, the NPF Central Women Wing said, “Those who have sold the rights of the Nagas to outside forces has no right to call Dr. Shurhozelie a liar, as the NPF president has only spoken on the values of freedom of religion as enshrined in the Indian constitution, and it does not in anyway amount to giving inflammatory speeches that may incite riots or unrest in the state of Nagaland.”
While condemning Rio’s speech purportedly made in Delhi, the Central Women Wing expressed utter shock at the immature statement of Rio and his PDA government stand on Naga integration issue and the Citizenship Amendment Bill 2016. “Our Naga dream to live as one cannot be write off by indecisive leaders who are desperate to cling onto their chairs in their search for more power even at the cost of surrendering our birth right,” it said.
“Looking at the events in the other North-Eastern States in the wake of the Citizenship Amendment Bill 2016, it is a big blow to the Nagas when the PDA government in its Cabinet Meeting decided not to oppose the bill, stating Article 371 A as a protective measure,” it said.
Recalling the ULB fiasco where much hue and cry were raised on the 33 percent women reservation issue, simply on the pretext that it infringes upon Article 371 A, the Women Wing asked the tribal hohos and the apex civil societies not to become mute spectators when such a disastrous bill, which will have serious ramifications for our future generations, is not being opposed but is welcomed by the present ruling PDA government.
The women wing urged the ruling Government to undo the damages before any major catastrophic event takes place as “Nagaland is not a dumping ground for illegal immigrants”.
(Page News Service)