Monday, March 8, 2021

NPF wants amicable solution to Naga issue: Shurhozelie

Kohima, August 7: Naga People’s Front (NPF) president Dr Shurhozelie Liezitesu today said that the purpose of the NPF is to see that the Indo-Naga problem is solved amicably and for which the party has been playing its role continuously towards achieving that goal.
“This party was handed down to us by our elders with a purpose. The purpose remains and obligation to us all time and that purpose is to see that the Indo-Naga problem is solved amicably and for which our party has been playing our role continuously towards achieving that goal,” Dr Liezietsu said in his presidential address during the NPF CEC meeting held here.
“We are sincere in our commitment but we are not the main players in the field,” he said while stating that the main players in the field are Government of India on one hand and NSCN(IM) and the seven NNPGs on the other hand.
NPF is only playing the role of facilitator and, at times, the mediator’s role when we were in that position to do so, he said.
Recalling that way back in 1997, a cease-fire agreement was signed between the Government of India and NSCN (IM), he said our party highly welcomed it and we have even went to the extent of declaring that ‘in the event of any settlement arrived at between the concerned parties, the ‘Cock’ party would not stand on the way but give way to the new arrangement to come and stay any day, any time.’
Nonetheless, he said more than 20 years had elapsed since then but Nagas are still in the dark and not in a position even to guess what is going to happen.
“Even so, we do not change our stand but continue to press for an early honourable settlement to the protracted Naga political problem,” he said.
Meanwhile, Dr Liezietsu while stating that many Naga leaders expressed apprehension for same action on Article 371 (A) following the new development in the country (over Jammu & Kashmir), he said some Naga leaders who are in power assured the Nagas that nothing would happen because they were there to protect the Nagas.
Nonetheless, the NPF president said “this is not the right time to express any imaginary fear or to assure a situation about the future”.
“Nobody knows about the future and it is not possible to assess the matter at this juncture. Why not we remain wise and keep watch because it is not necessary that everybody should give comment on what is happening today and its impact that may follow. Therefore, the less we talk the better for us about the present development in the country,” he said.
Further, Dr Liezietsu said that the tenure of the present office bearers of the party is going to be over by the end of this year. Therefore, he said the party is contemplating to hold its general convention, as usual, in the last part of November this year in which a new team of office bearers for the Central, for all frontal organisations, for the divisions and down to area and village level for the tenure 2020-2024 will be approved.
In this, he said, “this is the best time to get stable persons to be on the seat because all political tourists and political holiday makers are away from us at this particular moment”.
“We know that opposition life is not very pleasant but this is the time to prove your leadership and your integrity which you will boast of or regret in future for what you are today. The best is ‘be content with your lot,” the NPF president added.
NPF working president Huska Sumi and Manipur’s PHE Minister, L Dikho also addressed the gathering. (Page News Service) 8