Saturday, September 25, 2021
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NPF urges Govt not to change SOP frequently

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Dimapur, June 12: Opposition Naga People’s Front (NPF) has called upon the Government of Nagaland not to change the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) frequently and also adhere to the SOP effectively and sincerely.
In a communiqué, the NPF said it is heartwarming that many Nagas have managed to return home during the lockdown through the efforts of the State Government, and urged every citizen of Nagaland, specially the returnees, to strictly follow the SOP.
Questioning that PDA Government’s tall announcement that it is well prepared, when many loopholes are visible like sending the positive patients along with negative returnees to their respective districts and quarantine centres, the NPF said this is nothing but a mockery to their well prepared announcement.
The NPF also questioned the Government on whose negligence that each day the virus is spreading like “wild fire” and increasing day by the day putting many lives at risk. The party felt that many of the positive cases must have contracted the virus from the quarantine centre itself and maintained that if the Government is well prepared then by now the virus could have been containment. “But the sad reality is that the government of the day is still not successful in controlling the spread of the virus,” it claimed.
The NPF also questioned the PDA Government to divulge on what ground the already negative and recovered cases are still under quarantine centres. It also wanted to know how many days the Government will require again to set up the BSL-2 in Dimapur. “If the machine at Dimapur cannot be made a reality till date, setting up a similar machine at Tuensang will be like a dream,” it said.
The party stated that since Covid-19 is a medical related issues, the Government should involve maximum medically knowledgeable personnel and medical department be given independent charges in handling the cases rather than involving bureaucrats. The district administration should confine to assist the medical department.
It also suggested more procurement of testing kits as the State Government has received sufficient fund from the Centre; compulsory rapid test to all the returnees to ensure safety before releasing them from the quarantine centres; Department like Social Welfare, Food & Civil Supplies and Disaster Management be fully involved as frontliners and distribute free and nutritious rice under these departments; apart from the District hospitals, all the PHC and dispensaries in each village be well equipped and medical attendants be compulsorily stationed.
The NPF further suggested that positive patients be given proper care both medically and psychologically, and the Government to have better coordination with all the tribal hohos and Churches as it is important component in our society and brief them the difficulties and initiatives of the Government from time to time.
Stating that Naga people had high expectations that with the change of guard in the Covid-19 High Powered Committee with Chief Minister as chairman and Deputy Chief Minister as co-chairman that the present situation will be normalized, the NPF regretted that instead more loopholes are visible with more complaints from various quarters and positive cases also increasing day by day. (Page News Service)