Friday, December 4, 2020
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NPF to support Cong in LS election


Dimapur, March 30: The Naga People’s Front (NPF) has taken a stand give issue-based support to Congress candidate KL Chishi in the upcoming Lok Sabha election.
In a press communiqué, the NPF said the party has agreed to go with the secular force candidate (Congress).
The party, however, made it clear that going together in the ensuing election will not change the stand of the party’s regionalism nor will it reflect as an alliance partner with them.
In his official statement during the NPF consultative meeting between the CoB, divisions, CEC, frontals and MLAs held at the central office, party president, Dr Shürhozelie Liezietsu said that though the party has decided to lend support to the Congress, the decision is only for the upcoming election.
Citing the eminent danger posing before Naga people in the form of Citizenship Amendment Bill (2016) if passed as an Act by the Centre, the NPF president asserted the need to garner all secular forces together and fight in the coming LS election and take a stand to defend the future.
Observing that the NPF has not fielded its candidate and “the consequent reality the Congress alone cannot unseat the ruling PDA candidate”, Dr Shürhozelie said that “in politics sometime we find it necessary to uphold our super-consciousness forgetting the consequences that may follow but the issue confronting the Naga people at present is a question of life and death, therefore, the NPF will support the secular party (Congress).”
Shurhozelie recalled that in his political journey he had suffered for many years under the Congress rule and anyone who experience the bitterness will find it very difficult to convince their conscience to vote for another symbol, But, he said, due to the issue confronting the future of the Naga people, the party have decided to make the best use of a bad bargain and stand with the Congress candidate.
NPF legislature party leader, TR Zeliang in his speech echoed that it may be discouraging to the people that NPF could not set up its candidate for the coming Lok Sabha poll, but the party will give its support to the secular (Congress) candidate through issue based. However, he maintained that giving its support in the ensuing election does not mean it has an alliance with them.
Due to the issues such as secularism, CAB and the resolution of the Naga political issue, the NPF will vote for the Congress to defeat the NDPP candidature, Zeliang said.
Speaking on the 7 NPF MLAs who declared support to the PDA Government and the NPF candidate for the coming Aonglendeng bye-election, Toshipokba, Zeliang stated it is evidence they have bargained the peoples and party trust for their personal benefits. He added that the deserted NPF leaders have not brought shame to the party but will cost them throughout their life.
Castigating the statement of the 7 NPF deserter MLAs, the former Chief Minister said that development was not a sudden but perpetuating for quite a long time that they were struggling to leave the party for one or another reason. He maintained that on March 18 and March 23, the 26 elected NPF members have thorough discussion for the coming LS election, and where all the 7 deserters have opined not to set up candidate and to support the secular Congress candidate. “They may be cheating the people with their false statement, but they have cheated themselves”, Zeliang added.
Zeliang also cautioned that the 7 deserter MLAs is legally still NPF MLAs and every elected MLA is bounded by the party’s constitution and not by any assembly speaker. He said the party has served them show cause notice, and the door for them is still open but within that stipulated time, failing which the party will be compelled to initiate further course of steps.
During the discussion, the division presidents and the representatives asserted that the party is intact and reaffirmed to stand by the party decision and principle.
The meeting was chaired by KG Kenye, secretary general & MP (RS). (Page News Service)