Sunday, September 26, 2021
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NPF slams ‘child-like’ statement of NDPP


Dimapur, June 14: The Naga People’s Front (NPF) has hit out at what it called the “blatant child-like statement” of the NDPP attacking “the oldest regional political party of the region.”
“To no surprise, the NPF assume that the NDPP is following each and every move and utterances of the NPF party keeping their finger cross, hiccupping with unrest for the safety of their chairs,” the Press Bureau, NPF said in a rejoinder to a NDPP statement.
Stating that the NPF has reminded time and again that the NDPP has no business or rights to interfere in the internal affairs of the NPF party, the rejoinder said NDPP continuing to do so shows their insecurity and nervousness “even though they along with its alliances have somehow stitch up a loose number in running the affair of the state.”
Asserting that it will play a constructive role as an opposition, the NPF adviced the NDPP not to mix around with NPF party affairs but to be sincere in their approach in giving development to the people while they are at the helm of affair.
“Since many of the so called tall leaders of the NDPP were the manufacture of the NPF party should know well that the NPF party function with transparency and therefore, the party President statement during the CEC meeting was the reflection of the NPF way of functioning where party do not function unofficially but collectively take the decision as deem fit for the interest of the people,” it said, adding unlike the NDPP, the NPF believes and practice inner party democracy and both the party functionaries and legislators’ function in tandem.
It also reminded the NDPP that it is the prerogative of the NPF to take any decision and made its stand clear that during the last parliamentary election, the NPF supported the Congress candidate on the basis of one-time arrangement and it is only a political expediency.
Stating that it has no interest to interfere in the inner development of the NDPP, the NPF however said it is for the public to judge particularly on issue like the so-called leaked (fake) document addressed to the INC national president, Rahul Gandhi endorsing their support in the event the Congress coming to power at Centre. “The general masses are bright enough see what is black and what is white as it is already in the public domain,” it said.
On Naga integration issue, the NPF reiterated that it is the birthright of the Naga people and it will never compromise on the issue and will continue to pursue integration of Naga ancestral areas.
“However, the Naga people was shocked last year (2018) in the month of April, when its Chief Minister, Neiphiu Rio at New Delhi declared to the media that integration is not possible, therefore, the attempt made by the NDPP to defend its leader by shifting a blame game to the then Home Minister Rajnath Singh will be a futile exercise,” it said.
Asking the NDPP to give serious thought while expressing their opinions on the recently held parliamentary election “as it is a clear indication that for the first time in the history Nagaland parliamentary election that a ruling Government candidate winning by just 16 thousand votes,” the NPF claimed that this is a clear message for the NDPP that the general masses are not with them.
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