Monday, July 26, 2021
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NPF serves show cause notice to 8 central office bearers


Dimapur, May 2: The Disciplinary Action Committee of the Naga People’s Front (NPF) has issued show cause notice to 8 central office bearers for questioning the party’s decision to suspend 7 erring NPF MLAs , and the party’s decision to file disqualification petition against the 7 rebel MLAs.
The 8 office bearers are S. Akang, General Secretary, Central; Nokshom, Secretary, Central; Bendang Chang, Secretary, Central; Honpha, General Secretary, Youth Wing, Central; Kupwang, General Secretary, Youth Wing, Central; Yongwem, CEC Member and Shanyei, CEC Member.
They have been given 7 days to reply in written to the show cause notice.
In the notice, the party reminded that the seven erring MLAs have openly defied the party’s collective decision in the recently concluded Parliamentary election for the lone Nagaland Parliamentary Constituency.
“Your intention in openly questioning and challenging the decision of the party is total breach of party discipline. You are therefore, directed to show cause as to why the disciplinary action should be initiated against you,” it said.
Meanwhile expressing surprise at the statement issued by some NPF central office bearers against the decision of the party authority to suspend the 7 rebels MLAs followed by filing of disqualification petition in the Speaker’s office against them, the NPF said the opinion expressed by some of the office bearers should have been “actually vindicated instead of issuing a press statement. This attitude of some of the office bearers is unbecoming and against the party ethics and discipline.”
In a rejoinder, the party’s press bureau reminded those office bearers trying to defend the 7 erring MLAs that the party function under the NPF constitution and every member including the office bearers and the party MLAs is governed by the party constitution. “And therefore, whoever violates the provision of the constitution will have to face the consequences as the provision of the party constitution and the action taken so far against the 7 erring MLAs is well within the party constitution.”
“The opinion expressed by some of the office bearers have gone beyond the provision of the party constitution which may attract disciplinary action,” it said.
On the queries raised by some of the office bearers, the rejoinder stated that the party had a soft corner for 7 erring MLAs for which it waited for one month to return to the party fold, “but since they remained defiant, the party was left with no other option but to take up necessary action.”
The NPF reminded that any activities against the party principle and ideology is considered anti-party activity as laid down in the party constitution, while also terming the allegation that the “party runs under dictatorship” as baseless.
As far as the matter of disqualification petition is concern, the NPF said the ball is now in the Speaker’s court, and “the party does not feel it necessary to give a detail write-up.” (Page News Service)