NPF ridicules CM for ‘not my personal view’ clarification

NPF ridicules CM for ‘not my personal view’ clarification

Dimapur, July 5: While appreciating the courtesy of Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio for admitting that the demand for integration of contiguous Naga inhabited areas is genuine, the Naga People’s Front (NPF) today questioned the reason for his declaration that integration is not possible anymore, and asked why he has to demean himself so low as to succumb to external forces thereby compromising the future of the Nagas.
The NPF said the chief minister has made a spectacle of himself by saying that the statement made by him was neither his personal view nor the views of the NDPP or PDA Government and added that this has been done so as an excuse to escape the glaring eyes of the public.
Stating that the Naga people expected the present PDA Government under Rio to carry forward the long cherished dream and aspirations of the Naga people to live as one, the NPF said Rio’s candid interview with the media declaring that integration is no more possible has shocked the Naga people like a bolt from the blue.
“Rio claiming of being misquoted by the media is serving him no good purpose as all the video clippings and other documentary proofs stands tall in the public domain for all to see for themselves, also Naga intellectuals are wide awake and cannot be fooled anymore by such frenzy claimants,” the NPF stated in a press release issued by its Press Bureau.
It further said the Naga public have every right to question the Chief Minister under what circumstances or obligation the PDA Government have bargained with the Central Government the long cherish dream of the Naga people.
“Rio himself and his party claiming as the champion in advocating the integration issue vis-a vis Naga political problem has become a mockery and his Government claiming to uphold and extending all out support for an early solution to the Naga political problem that is honourable and acceptable to all, is like a good book without an impressive story,” it said.
Seeks clarification on Citizenship Bill
The NPF also expressed total dismay at the fourth time Chief Minister, Neiphiu Rio for avoiding further clarification on the controversial Citizenship Amendment Bill 2016, adding Naga people wants to know on what ground his Government will not oppose the Bill that has caused an uproar in the country.
The NPF asserted that Rio and his cohorts are well aware that Nagaland has become the most vulnerable state when it comes to infiltration of the illegal immigrants into the Naga soil, adding the Citizenship Amendment Bill is nothing but simply a multiplication table to increase more illegal immigrants into the state for more vote banks.
Citing his interview wherein Rio had declared that Article 371 (A) is good enough to protect and safeguard the interest of the Nagas, the NPF asked the Chief Minister which Clause of Article 371 (A) can protect Nagas from the Citizenship Bill, and how far it has protected the Nagas for the last 55 years under this Special Provision Article 371 A from illegal immigrants such as Dimapur and other adjoining areas.
The NPF reminded the PDA Government that it is not raising these two pertinent issues for the sake of publicity stunt as an opposition party, but because the safety and security of the Nagas is at stake.
The NPF warned that it would not remain a mute spectator to these injustices done to the Nagas, as the future of the upcoming generation is being compromised, nor will it allow the present cocktail mixers of PDA leaders and Chief Minister to play with the future of the Naga people. (Page News Service)