Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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NPF represents Naga identity: Shürho


Dimapur, October 24: Naga People’s Front (NPF) President, Dr Shürhozelie Liezietsu on Wednesday said the NPF is considered the ‘Royal Guard’ of the Naga people as the party stands for the people and represents the identity of the Naga people.
Speaking at a day-long seminar of NPF Kohima Division at Central Office, Shürhozelie reminded the people that NPF, the second oldest regional political party in the country, was given birth when there was turmoil in Naga soil. The NPF is to protect the Naga identity and to carry forward the aspiration of the Naga people for the early resolution of Naga political problem, which has been the top most priority of the party, he said.
Claiming that the NPF is not power monger but a party to carry forward the Naga people, Shürhozelie said that many present Naga leaders have forgotten the political history of the Naga people and run after money and power. However, he said the NPF will always stand for the Naga political issue and preservation of the identity of Naga people. He said many Naga leaders tried to form a regional party in the State only to contest the election without its roots and principle and disappeared, which is totally contradicting to the ideology and principle of the NPF party.
The NPF president also called upon NPF workers to remain firm with their principle and be committed to work for the welfare of Naga people. He also urged the party workers to put God first and stand with the truth.
NPF secretary general and MP Rajya Sabha, KG Kenye said NPF is the only regional party registered in the ECI that mentions the name ‘Naga’ signifying the Naga people and its identity.
He reiterated that NPF is the party with its top most priority to resolve the Naga political issue and since its inception, the NPF is working all out for its resolution amicably.
Thenucho Tunyi, ex-Minister and advisor to NPF president in his speech stated that in any political journey, many temptations may come but urged the party workers to remain faithful and committed with the party principle and stand as a man of integrity, which will be rewarded one day.
Meanwhile during the one-day NPF Kohima Division seminar, the Kohima Division resolved to stand firm and support the leadership of Dr Shürhozelie Liezietsu, NPF President and TR Zeliang, NPF Legislature Party Leader. It also appreciated the electorate of Nagaland for bestowing their trust and electing 26 NPF MLAs in the last general assembly election and making it the largest single party in the 13th assembly and urged Naga people to continue to support the party and its leaders.
The Division also thanked the 26 legislators for standing firm with the party and the party leadership and showing their courage in the recently concluded assembly session.
The division also urged the PDA Government to stand true to their promises made to the Naga people regarding developmental activities, particularly to pressurize and expedite the ongoing four-lane Kohima-Dimapur highway for the welfare of the public. (Page News Service)