NPF reiterates stand against CAA

NPF reiterates stand against CAA

Dimapur, January 18: The Naga People’s Front (NPF) has reiterated its strong opposition to the Citizenship Amendment Act 2019, while also terming MP Rajya Sabha, KG Kenye support to the CAB/CAA as myopic and shallow.
The MP has since been suspended by the party for violation of the party CEC resolution to oppose the CAB/CAA.
In a statement, the NPF said to oppose the CAB/CAA is a ‘political resolution’ of the party, and the party will stand by its resolution. The NPF said it convinced that the stand adopted by the party is politically correct because it can foresee the danger looming large for the future generation if CAB/CAA is amended and enforced.
The CAB/CAA is not only against the principle enshrined in the NPF constitution but it is also totally against the spirit of secularism as envisaged in the Constitution of India. Therefore, the party stand is clear as granting of citizenship of India cannot be on religious line, it stated.
The NPF also reiterated it claim that the CAB/CAA is nothing but purely a ‘politics of divide’, and challenged the Naga people who supported the Act to come out clean and declare their stand openly. It said the NPF will not act from behind the screen but take stand for the sake of our future generations and will go against the CAB/CAA however small the party may be.
“No matter how the Centre has nicely convinced the Naga people in particular and the North East region in general by incorporating certain clause stating it has exempted the region, the infiltration of illegal migrants is at more risk and the future of the North East region and the Nagaland state will be uprooted by the non-indigenous of the very existence of the indigenous people of the region unless we take a strong measure against it unitedly.”
“No matter how convincing points the Centre is advocating to the people, but CAA will open the floodgate for a particular religious community to enter India and slowly flood all over the region including Nagaland state in due course of time,” it said.
On KG Kenye, MP Rajya Sabha, the statement said no matter how high his status might be, so long as he is a member of the party, he is bound by party’s discipline and resolution. The CEC is the highest decision making body of the party and as such no member of the party can twist the resolution of the CEC for his or her own convenience, it said.
“Hence, the decision to support the CAB/CAA is purely and solely his own personal decision and not the decision of the party. His justifications to support the CAB/CAA cannot convince the party decision and stand and hence was suspended from the primary and active member of the party,” it said.
The NPF added that the party is clear in its stand that ILP is only a temporary measure and “therefore it is absurd to take shelter under ILP.” (Page News Service)