Thursday, April 15, 2021
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NPF reiterates demand for rollback of fuel tax hike


DIMAPUR, NOVEMBER 20: Opposition NPF has reiterated its demand for rollback of tax hike on petrol and diesel in Nagaland, which has directly led to hike in cost of essential commodities in the markets.
In a rejoinder to the ruling NDPP statement terming the fuel tax hike as “non-issues”, the NPF said, “That the NDPP has the temerity to label the increased cost of petrol and diesel as “Non Issues” exposes the deplorable fact that the majority party in the ruling PDA alliance is in a power drunk stupor and has lost touch with reality not just in Nagaland but in the whole of the modern world whose geopolitics is largely driven by considerations of availability, supply and reserves of petroleum fuel.”
“It is painful to observe that while all this debate is going on, the public is struggling for their day-to-day meets due to the pandemic, the cost of essential commodities is escalating every passing day and the beleaguered public is shouldering the brunt of this imperious decision”, it said while demanding rollback of “the cruel decision of the PDA Government” to hike tax on petrol and diesel at the earliest.
The NPF acknowledged the effort of the Finance Department, Government of Nagaland, in publishing the retail price of petrol and diesel in some of the neighboring states, but suggested that the Department equally highlight the retail cost of fuel in other Northeastern states such as Mizoram, Arunachal Pradesh and Tripura where the retail cost is lower than Nagaland and not just those states where retail cost is higher or very close to Nagaland to understand ground situation in their proper perspective.
It also urged the PDA Government to instruct its agencies to do a comprehensive comparative study of the cost of essential commodities and other essentials like building materials in Nagaland with the neighbouring states and publish it for public awareness. “Sincere effort should then be made to ensure price-control so that the financial burden on the public is eased,” it insisted.
‘Defending CM’
At the same time, the NPF said it is perplexed that the NDPP continues to defend the Chief Minister time and again. “For the record, the NPF, in its press statement released on the 13th November 2020, had demanded of the PDA Government to roll back the cruel decision to hike taxes on petrol and diesel without ever once alluding to the Hon’ble Chief Minister in person,” it said.
Reminding that in a democracy, both the ruling Government and the opposition party have assigned roles to play and the ruling party should focus on providing proper governance to the people and desist from issuing “superfluous press statements”, the NPF said the attempt of the NDPP to dredge up “extraneous and irrelevant issues” could be interpreted as an effort to divert the burning issue at hand that the NPF has raised.
“If the NDPP cannot take the positive criticism of the opposition party for the welfare of the general public, do the people consider the recent hike on the petroleum products as, ‘Christmas Gift’ to the people?” it asked.
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