Sunday, May 16, 2021

NPF reacts to Ram Madhav’s statement

Dimapur, October 16: The Naga People’s Front (NPF) has dismissed the claim of Ram Madhav, national general secretary of BJP in-charge of North East that the NPF has been rejected by the people.
In a press communiqué, the NPF said the party as the oldest political party in the Northeast India undoubtedly enjoys the love and support of the citizens of Nagaland.
To prove its point, the NPF pointed out that the party emerged as the single largest party in the State with 26 MLAs in the house of 60 in the 2018 Assembly election in Nagaland, with the NPF alone securing 38.8 % of the total vote share while NPF alliance partners secured more than 6%.
The NPF said the total percentage of vote share secured by NPF and its alliance was 44.7% in the last assembly election, and in the Lok Sabha by-election held in the month of May 2018, the party secured 41.43% of the total vote share.
“As a matter of fact, to say that NPF has been rejected by the people is based on sheer imagination and does not reflect the ground reality,” it said, adding Ram Madhav must have been wrongly briefed by some of his co-workers or by some other political opponents of NPF desperately trying hard to discredit NPF in any given opportunity.
Stating that it has survived for the past 55 years despite of severe criticism from some individuals and political adversaries, the NPF said the party has already gained the status of being the 2nd oldest regional political party in India. “This is also one of the main reasons why the national political parties as well as the newly floated political parties feel insecure to encounter the NPF,” it claimed.
The NPF also stated that it has been the endeavour of the NPF to help resolve the protracted Naga political issue in a peaceful manner and towards this end the party has expanded its jurisdiction to other parts of North East India.
In response and in appreciation of the effort of the NPF to find a peaceful settlement of all political conflicts, the electorates of Manipur State has also consecutively elected 4 NPF MLAs in Manipur State Legislative Assembly. It is also a matter of record that the BJP-led Government which is presently running the Government in Manipur could be formed just because of the unconditional support extended by 4 NPF MLAs, it said, adding although BJP has severed ties with NPF in Nagaland State, the NPF as a matured political party cannot change its stand overnight and continues to support the BJP Government in Manipur.
“The BJP high command knows better how difficult it would be for the BJP to run the Government in Manipur without NPF,” it said.
Claiming that with the passage of time, the NPF has established itself as a platform of the downtrodden and voice of the voiceless, the party said just to score some political mileage one cannot say that NPF was rejected by the people. “In fact, it is totally devoid of truth and does not hold water,” it added.
(Page News Service)