Monday, June 14, 2021
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NPF reacts to PDA Govt.’s statement, demands answers

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DIMAPUR, JUNE 8: The Naga Peoples’ Front (NPF) today reacted sharply to the statement of PDA Government wherein it stated that the Opposition is hurling allegation without any authenticity, and said whatever the Party and the Legislature Wing have raised till date in the public domain are all supported with facts and figures, from which the PDA Government cannot run away without answering as the matters pertain to public interest and not NPF interest.

It said the NPF Legislature Wing has raised some pertinent issues with facts and figure in matters relating to misuse of funds by the PDA Government on the pretext of tackling COVID-19, which the PDA Government is evading the questions because they have no answers.
The Party has also raised some vital issues with data obtained from various district hospitals, CHCs and PHCs on the shortfall of the basic medical necessity in Government-run hospitals as the PDA Government have been fooling the people by claiming the Government is fully prepared, the NPF further stated in a press release issued by its Press Bureau.
It said various questions are still to be answered by the PDA Government. It asked when almost all the Government Hospitals are lacking even basic facilities, instead of investing in augmenting the Government Hospitals in the Districts, on what ground the PDA Government has spent Rs. 30 cr on CIHSR Hospital which is a private Hospital.
Stating that the mortality rate in Nagaland is on the rise due to COVID, the NPF asked what arrangement or payment has the PDA done for the people so far from its own resources or the Central grant that the State has received. It said other States in India and even neighboring States like Meghalaya and Assam are providing ex-gratia grant to the family of the deceased and also additional grants to the families of those affected besides the Central grant that has been provided.
Pointing out that the Ministry of Home Affairs has issued clear directive to the State Government to utilize 50% from SDRF Disaster Management, the NPF asked when no money has reached the people suffering from COVID, where is this 50% utilized and disappeared?
“When there is zero earning by the daily bread winner and when there is no relief measures by the PDA Government to rescue the poor and needy including the daily wage earners during the lockdown and post lockdown isn’t it possible to have starvation war?” it questioned.

The Party also asked on what basis the PDA Government is asking the NPF to file RTI if it wants information and said, “We have all the required information and data with us for which we don’t require your advice how to extract information.”
The NPF reiterated that the PDA Government must answer the various queries raised so far rather than shying away from its responsibility as in a democracy every elected Government is answerable to the people that she represents.
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