Saturday, May 15, 2021
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NPF reacts to NDPP statement


Dimapur, August 3: Opposition NPF has appreciated the PDA Government for setting up the Nagaland Staff Selection Board (NSSB), but asked the NDPP, the major partner of PDA, not to go overboard over the same to score some political points.
In a press communiqué in reaction to a NDPP statement, the NPF gently reminded that the setting up of NSSB was put in motion by the DAN-III Government under TR Zeliang, the then Chief Minister of Nagaland, during the latter part of 2017.
“For what’s worth we are indeed grateful that the PDA government is taking up what we started and so it would behoove you not to claim beyond what’s not your doing,” said the NPF press bureau in the communiqué.
On NDPP speaking of meritocracy, the NPF said, “And why speak of meritocracy, when recently, the government attempted to regularise the service of those contract employees who haven’t even put in their joining report. Meritocracy and transparency is only visible on paper and nothing to show forth on the ground.”
On the charge of state of affairs being in chaos and instability in the Government during the last regime and asking the NPF to self-retrospect, the NPF rather asked the NDPP do the self-introspection and spill the truth as to “who engineered all the chaos and camping that took place”.
“It is an open secret as to who started the tussle and brought about constant disturbances in the State for personal gain and safety. Unless you are suffering from selective amnesia, it should be fresh in the hearts and minds of all the NPF workers who have now joined the NDPP camp as to the misadventures of their leader in Delhi and subsequently desperately trying to get involved in State politics and in the process burning his own party house without much success. Incessant attempts were made to bring about discord and disunity and tear down the democratically elected NPF led DAN-III. Initiating camps in personal resorts and properties against the wishes of the elected members and yet when it failed, he tried to sneak back in to the party fold but the wisdom of the Party President saw the trickery and refused to assure him the party ticket which hit him like a thunderbolt thus making him jump across to the NDPP in whose camp he always had one foot as his backup. The incumbent CM and the NDPP party have no moral justification to accuse others of what happened which is of your own doing,” it alleged.
The NPF also claimed that under the leadership of TR Zeliang, the last Government had an Opposition-less Government thus the time taken for assembly session was drastically cut short as there was consensus and unity amongst the members, both within and without, the floor of the Assembly. “This unity and leadership brought about mega projects in the road sector to the State which was non-existent during the regime of the incumbent. In the Indo-Naga Political Issue, the DAN-III under TR Zeliang was able to bring about the historic Framework Agreement signed on 3rd August 2015 and continued to make huge strides by bringing all the negotiating groups to the table. But the current dispensation which is old wine in new bottle cannot be expected to bring about any new development as there was no sincerity in the past and will continue to be so in the future,” it said.
Stating that the contradiction of the NDPP is evident when they say that the NPF president should not stoop so low as to attack the media team of the NDPP “and yet on the other hand they claim that “the statements of the NDPP are not the words of just a few individuals but an expression of the views and opinions of the entire rank and file of the NDPP as a political party,” the NPF said, “So isn’t it safe to assume that when the President speaks against the media team of the NDPP, he is against the entire rank and file of the NDPP as a political party and not against just a few individuals.”
“Therefore, if the NDPP led PDA Government is in a confused state and cannot deliver justice to the welfare of its people then they should humbly step down from the chair on moral ground,” it added. (Page News Service)