Wednesday, July 28, 2021
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NPF reacts to NDPP statement


Dimapur, November 1: The Naga People’s Front expressed dismay over the NDPP’s attitude “in blame game” and continued effort to sow seeds of dissent within the NPF party, and said it expects the ruling party to be more matured and not to resort to such measures that only exposes their own insecurities and trust deficit.
Reacting to a NDPP statement, the NPF also condemned the charges levelled against its leader (LoP) TR Zeliang on his letter to the Speaker appealing to convene a JLF meeting at the earliest.
“Nonetheless, the whole incident of blame game show by the ruling party (NDPP) indicate they do not have concern over the Naga political issue but only concern for their chair and future position in a post-solution scenario and lobbying in Delhi for the same,” it alleged.
The NPF maintained that the party under TR Zeliang had the decency and genuine concern for the Naga cause and took the responsibility “in ringing the sleeping bell” of the Government of the day.
The NPF pointed out that in the letter addressed to the LoP by the Deputy Speaker, the last second para clearly states that the office of speaker/Dy-Speaker have not received any intimation from the office of the Chief Minister on the desire to represent the JLF/PWC on the Naga political issue before the Central Government. “This speaks volume about the CM’s unconcern for the Naga people,” it claimed.
The NPF also clarified that when the 4th October meeting was cancelled at the eleventh hour and a date was proposed, the Leader of NPF party had clarified to the office of Deputy Speaker that as some MLAs would not be in station on 7th and 9th October due to prior engagement of the party. However, they will all be back on October 10 so fixing the meeting on the 11th will be convenient for all as the presence of all the elected members at the JLF meeting is important at this crucial juncture, the party said.
In reply, NPF said the deputy speaker said he will get in touch with CMO and accordingly get back with a date. “Unfortunately, no intimidation was served and so the JLF meeting on Naga political issue never materialized,” it stated.
Given the pressing need for the elected members as facilitators to deliberate and help in facilitating for an early solution, since the interlocutor had given the deadline of 31st October, the NPF said the LoP with genuine concern had wrote to the Speaker. “It would behoove the CM to not misguide and make a scapegoat of Deputy Speaker, who is young and an upcoming leader of the Nagas, for his own selfish and hidden agendas. Also, the party failed to understand how the letter of the LoP requesting for holding the JLF meeting at an early date has hurt the sentiments of the CM and the NDPP so much.”
Stating that the NPF party will continue to stand by its commitment towards facilitating for a final solution, the party called for a united voice among all Naga leaders at this crucial juncture so as to deliver the best justice to the Naga people. (Page News Service)