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NPF questions Tokheho’s absence in LS when CAB was put to vote


‘Is DISHA meet more important than fate of Nagas’

Dimapur, February 13: The Naga People’s Front (NPF) has hit out at the lone Lok Sabha MP from Nagaland, Tokheho Yepthomi for his absence in Parliament “on the most crucial day when the fate of the entire Naga indigenous people was gambled with, and placed in perilous circumstances in the Parliament on 8th January 2019.”
The NPF was reacting to the MP Lok Sabha statement that he did not vote for the Citizenship Amendment Bill in the Lok Sabha on January 8 as he was not present in the Parliament. Tokheho said he could not attend Parliament as he had to attend the DISHA committee quarterly meeting on January 7 at Zunheboto.
“As per the MP’s statement, he was not only absent on the voting day of the CAB but was loitering around in the state to attend one District DISHA program at Zunheboto,” the NPF said in a rejoinder.
Rebutting Tokheho’s claim that he would never betray the trust of the people intentionally, the NPF demanded to know how a responsible leader like him could have acted so irresponsibly as to abstain from voting on such important issue that pertains to the future of the Nagas.
“Nagas have elected him (Tokheho) to represent our people in the lower house of Parliament, and not for him to loiter around here in the state,” it said.
Stating that if at all Tokheho is concern about the future of the Naga people, he should not have shied away on the most crucial day when the Citizenship Amendment was passed in the Lok Sabha, the NPF said Tokheho should be present on spot to oppose the Bill tooth and nail and put up a good fight for the rights and future of the Nagas.
“Yet, the MP’s intentional escaping on the Red-Letter Day clearly depicts nothing less than a strategy to ignore the welfare of Naga people, and playing absenteeism game is just a lame excuse to fool the people further,” said the NPF.
“How can a member of the Lok Sabha who represents the whole Naga populace failed to be in the war-front for his people in the most trying times? Taking absenteeism as an excuse to escape from his responsibility is ridiculous and devoid of any human values.”
The NPF also expressed surprised at what its alleged was the way the MP Lok Sabha “flex his muscles to brag about his absenteeism in the House of Parliament on the day the devilish and disastrous Citizenship Amendment Bill was put up for voting on the 8th January 2019, after forsaken his duty and admitting his dereliction of duty with so much pride and show.”
The NPF also did not rule out some “secret hidden agendas” of the MP and his party over his absence in the Parliament on January 8.
Stating that the stony silence of Tokheho over a long period of time and coming out only after maximum damage has been done “is very unbecoming of a leader”, the NPF asked, “Is Mr. Tokheho so ignorant of the disastrous Bill like his predecessor MP and present PDA Chief Neiphiu Rio when the Bill was introduced in the house in 2016? Or is Mr. Tokheho merely existing in the Parliament as a complementary gift from Rio to compensate his lost in the last Assembly election? How can Tokheho after willfully betraying the Nagas by failing to turn up in the Parliament on the Voting day, expect to justify his actions or expect others to believe him?”
Demanding to know from Tokheho what other issue can be more important or serious in nature than the CAB that seeks to deprive the very existence of the indigenous people, our identity and our right, the NPF said no amount of justification can undo the damage done already.
Taking all into account, the NPF categorically stated that the MP has lost all moral right to represent the Naga people and the State basing on his “poor performance and hypocritical role” surrounding the CAB issue with intention to sell out the future of the Nagas to our adversaries. (Page News Service)