Wednesday, December 2, 2020
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NPF questions Govt decision to deduct 1-day wage of employees


Dimapur, March 29: The Naga People’s Front (NPF) has questioned the decision of the PDA Government to deduct one-day wages from the employees of the State Government, particularly the police department.
In a press release, the NPF while lauding the setting up of the CM Relief Fund maintained that donations should be voluntary and nobody should be coerced into contributing to the fund, which, it said, is tantamount to extortion.
Stating that it is appalled by the decision of the PDA Government to deduct one-day wages from the employees of certain departments, especially from the police personnel, the NPF said police personnel should come within the parameter of ‘frontline workers’ to combat the dreaded global pandemic. “Even though entire State is under total lockdown, the assignments and duties of the police personnel has in no way lessen and therefore their welfare has to be taken into consideration.”
The NPF felt that special incentives to the sanitation workers, doctors and nurses and any other individuals or agencies engaged in combating the dreaded global pandemic in Nagaland should be awarded by the Government of the day rather than deducting their salaries.
The party also expressed concern over the reported shortage of some essential commodities including rice in many districts of the State. “It is in fact disheartening to note that the PDA Government is asking the common people to deposit three months in advance to get their share of rice. This kind of policy and approach on the part of the PDA Govt. is very shallow and unthinkable when people are going through a very rough weather owing to complete lockdown,” it stated.
The NPF suggested that the State Government use the Rs 17 crore which they have recently withdrawn from the VDB matching grant fund for essential commodities and later on reimburse from the relief funding on COVID-19 from the Central Government. The party urged the Government of the day to ensure sufficient supply of essential commodities to the common people.
The party also urged the Government to utilize various Government revenues including revenue from Goods and Services Tax (GST) at this critical juncture instead of begging from the poor public and showing helplessness on the pretext of paucity of fund.
“On one hand, the Government keeps claiming that the State is fully prepared to tackle COVID-19 and on the other hand, if we see the ground reality everything is in a shamble without the required facilities. The Govt. of the day is expected to be more transparent in tackling COVID-19 as the lives of the citizens of Nagaland cannot be put at risk due to negligence of the Government. Fortunately, no case of COVID-19 had been reported so far in Nagaland otherwise if there is/was such cases what would have happen to us at this rate of preparedness of the Govt. of the day,” it said.
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