Wednesday, September 22, 2021

NPF playing ‘politics of lies’: NDPP

Dimapur, February 1: The ruling NDPP today accused opposition NPF of playing “politics of lies and propaganda”, while also forgetting the role of a constructive opposition in a democratic set up.
The NDPP was reacting to what it alleged was the several uncalled-for and immature statements made by NPF president, Dr Shurhozelie at the NPF CEC meeting on January 31.
In a press release, NDPP president Chingwang Konyak alleged that the NPF is led by two persons who have removed and replaced each other as chief ministers. “The games they played with each other, the betrayals and connivance against each other is all still fresh and the details are all known to everybody. The Nagas people are fed up with the politics of lies and propaganda,” he alleged.
‘Immature statement’
The NDPP president also termed the statement made by Shurhozelie on the ruling party’s “motto and symbol” as “immature”, saying the statement shows that Shurhozelie lacks statesmanship and vision.
And reacting to the NPF president’s statement, Chingwang Konyak, however, did exactly what he accused Shurhozelie of – gave an ‘immature” statement by commenting on NPF’s “motto and symbol.”
In his statement, Shurhozelie said the NDPP had stolen their motto ‘Facto non Verba’ from St Edmunds College Shillong. “Looking back from a literary perspective, if they have not taken permission for its use, their motto is to be treated as stolen goods,” he said.
In reply, the NDPP president asked, “Are the NPF motto and symbol uniquely indigenous? Isn’t the NPF motto of “fide non armies” a Latin phrase used in the “coat of arms” and also the motto of Lord Gambier used much before the NPF was even born. Likewise its symbol of cock is a universal symbol used by several organisations, institutions and even countries. For example, the cock is still the symbol of France, a country that existed centuries before the ever name changing NPF was born. Moreover the NPF flag is a reversed French flag.”
People living in glass houses should not throw stones at others, he said.
‘Heraka Boy’
Reminding that Shurhozelie “unceremoniously removed as chief minister” due to his own party members going against him, Chingwang said the very person who led the “backstabbing and dismissal” of his chief ministership today sits beside him as his leader of opposition.
“And likewise, he was also responsible for the removal of his party chief minister and he himself grabbed the chair despite not being an elected member of the assembly.”
The NDPP also reminded that the NPF president had called his own legislature leader “Heraka Boy”. “Today he sits on the same side as his “Heraka Boy” who he had so termed in black and white for history to record,” he added.
‘Criticizing BJP’
Accusing Shurhozelie of “suddenly become critical of the BJP and the Central Government”, the NDPP reminded that the NPF was in alliance and coalition with the BJP only yesterday.
Even during his few weeks of chief ministership, he had BJP Ministers in his cabinet. Why then is he accusing the BJP today? it asked.
“After condemning the BJP and heavily criticising the BJP in the assembly elections, did the NPF not desperately try to befriend the BJP again in its desperation to form government,” he said, adding the BJP is a mature party running the affairs of the country and it respects the mandate of the people unlike the NPF leader.
“The NDPP prefers to focus on development and progress and would want to abstain from such debate but it is the NPF president who has made unbecoming statements which needed to be clarified,” concluded the NDPP president.
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