Monday, September 27, 2021
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NPF playing child like politics: NDPP


Dimapur, May 21: The ruling NDPP has accused the opposition NPF of indulging in “child like politics,” while also claiming that the politics of the “NPF have reached such a low point that they seem to have lost all maturity and sanity of a political party.”
The NDPP was reacting to the rejoinder issued by NPF president, Dr Shurhozelie Liezietsu to an earlier statement by the ruling party.
“As a seasoned political party as well as the oldest regional party, the NPF and its leaders should not involve themselves in child like politics which they have displayed publicly by declaring that they will “sever their ties with the BJP in Manipur “after” the counting to the elections is over,” said the NDPP in a communiqué.
“Does the opposition NPF actually take the Naga people for fools and that they will not see through their double speak,” it asked, while alleging that the NPF seem to have lost all maturity and sanity of a political party, leave alone the tag of being the “oldest regional party”!
On the allegation of “dictatorship” in NDPP, the communiqué claimed that the dictatorial policies of the NPF have been evident in the eyes of the public in the past and is evident today from the way the party had openly resorted to indiscriminate suspension, expulsion and disqualification of their members. It also demanded the NPF to come with evidence on their accusation that the “NDPP is a practicing dictatorship”!
Claiming that the statement issued by NPF president is rife with “contradictions and lies”, the NDPP also indicated that Shurhozelie should retire from politics. “It is most unfortunate that an octogenarian and one of the most seasoned and veteran politicians not only in the state but also in the North East, who instead of enjoying a comfortable retired life bereft of the nitty gritty of politics, has decided to continue to attack the ruling government and it’s leaders with false and misleading facts and statements,” it said.
On Shurhozelie statement that NPF’s association with the BJP have been since 2003, the NDPP asked him to clarify since he had always claimed in the past that the Cock party and the BJP have been a natural ally ever since the inception of the Jan Sangh, the precursor of the BJP in 1977.
The NDPP also asked the NPF president not to hold the people to ransom on the Naga political issue, saying this is an issue that is above politics and should not be politicized. It, however, reminded that in the past, Shurhozelie has stated that he will never accept the Congress booklet authored by NPCC and Dr SC Jamir “Bedrock of Naga Society” saying that unless they apologize and reject the booklet, Nagas will never forgive them. “But today, he has led his party to have an alliance with the Congress and Dr. S. C. Jamir, to the extent of his party sharing the same platform with the Congress and Jamir and himself casting his vote for the Congress. History will remember all these facts,” it said.
On the freezing of the Cock symbol in 1998 by the Election Commission of India owing to non-participation in the general elections, the NDPP said, “It is beyond absurd to even suggest that he (Shurhozelie) contested as an independent with bus symbol to salvage the cock party.”
Claiming that the NPF is today “drowning in its own lies” and that the false statements of its president needs to be “colaborated” with the leader of opposition, the NDPP said the NPF and its leadership continues to stand by its leader of opposition “who has told the greatest lie to all Nagas and the entire country when he misled everyone with his false claim of educational qualification.”
“The entire NPF party led by its president did not utter a single word against the then Chief Minister and present leader of opposition when it was proven that he had lied about his educational qualification. The Naga people and the country are still waiting for the leader of opposition to fulfill his statement that he will give the right statement at the right time,” it said.
On the NPCC defending the NPF, the NDPP suggested that the PCC president K Therie and the NPCC should first reassure themselves that the present “alliance of convenience” that they have with the NPF will still be there come 23rd May when the election results are declared.
On the issue of CAB, the NDPP questioned why no Congress leaders in the high command made any serious mention of the CAB throughout the campaign period all over the country. “Is it the case that the Congress high command silently wants that the Bill be passed while keeping its Nagaland unit in the dark? Or is the NPCC aware of the stand of their high command but are not prepared to reveal it to the people of Nagaland,” it asked.
On its part, the NDPP assured that it will never mislead the people of Nagaland even if it means sacrificing ourselves. (Page News Service)