NPF pained by attempt to gag opposition

NPF pained by attempt to gag opposition

Dimapur, April 20: The Nagaland People’s Front (NPF) has expressed pain that the anomalies in the Rural Department the party pointed out is now threatening to snowball into a major controversy with tribal and clan organizations getting involved, sidelining the original issue.
In a press release, the NPF said after raising the issue it expected the Government to come out with some clarifications, but lamented that the Government is remaining silent even after several rejoinders were published by various organisations.
“But the silence of the party seems to have been misconstrued and the matter has now been taken into a startlingly different direction: The Leader of Opposition, Mr TR Zeliang, is now being targeted,” it rued.
“This is indeed, a calamitous development and shall surely deal democracy a grievous blow, for, what is the meaning of democracy when the opposition is deterred, discouraged and disparaged from pointing out the anomalies and discrepancies in governance? That society where the voice of opposition – be it from the political parties or from well-meaning citizens – is muzzled, gagged or muffled is certainly not heading in the right direction and the people should prepare themselves to go back to the dark ages,” it said.
Lamenting that it had been accused of making a personal issue out of the matter, the NPF maintained that the facts and figures furnished by the party vis-à-vis allocation of funds to one particular village have not been repudiated, and those accusing the party of harbouring a personal vendetta have now singled out the Leader of Opposition.
“For the records, the NPF does not have anything against any individual Government official. The officer identified in the earlier revelation is the Administrative Head of Department and had there been any other officer as the AHoD, that official too, would have been identified by name, especially so if he or she happened to reside in the village which was allotted the abnormal amount,” it stated.
Asserting that the NPF per se does not have anything to gain by raising the issue but had taken up the same for the general good of the entire State, the party opined that every village should benefit, and not only some to benefit at the expense of others.
The NPF appealed to all concerned not to blow the issue out of proportion, and also urged the department to rectify the anomaly in fund allocation for the betterment of all Nagas. (Page News Service)