Sunday, March 7, 2021
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NPF opposes RIIN exercise, favours ILP


Kohima, August 7: The Naga People’s Front (NPF) is literally against Registration of Indigenous Inhabitants of Nagaland (RIIN) as the party has cautioned it will invite more problems.
The Central Executive Council (CEC) in a resolution after a meeting here cautioned the Government that RIIN exercise would invite more problems in the society. “The CEC urge to put on hold the present exercise of RIIN till a consensus is drawn from all stakeholders. The Government must seriously focus on implementation of ILP rather than inviting more problems in our society by misadventuring on RIIN,” the resolution stated.
Citing Article II Para 2 Clause (c) of the Cock’s constitution wherein it is categorically enshrined, “To work for unity and integrity of the people by integrating all contiguous Naga ancestral areas under one administrative roof and also to provide protection to all the ethnic groups who are indigenous inhabitants of all Naga ancestral areas,” the CEC said it supports the decision of the NPF legislature wing in abstaining from the consultative meeting on RIIN convened by the PDA Government on July 17, 2019 at Kohima.
Further the CEC put on record the callous attitude on the part of the PDA Government in handling such a sensitive issue such as RIIN which concerns the future of the Nagas as a whole. In this context, the CEC urged the PDA Government to maintain status quo as propounding a new theory at this juncture will only bring more divisions amongst the Nagas, as well as the various indigenous communities settled in the present state of Nagaland.
The CEC also expressed concern over the manner in which the Union Government is handling the Jammu and Kashmir issue. The resolution also expressed anguish in keeping the political leaders under house arrest which amounts to curtailing of fundamental rights guaranteed under the Constitution of India.
Today’s meeting also welcomed the newly sworn in Governor R N Ravi and expressed hope that he will strengthen the peace process vis-a-vis political talks stating that he was the driving force in signing the Framework agreement on August 3, 2015. “Further the NPF urge upon the Government of India and Naga national workers to expedite the political talks and bring to a logical conclusion”. The party also appealed to other groups to join the peace process so as to arrive at an honourable and inclusive solution.
The resolution added that keeping in mind the party’s age-old tradition and convention in evolving a consensus in the election to the Central office bearers, including frontal wings, the CEC endorsed the president to constitute Central Election Board as envisaged in Article IV Para 5 (A) of the party’s constitution. It also endorsed the president to decide the venue and date of the general convention. (Page News Service)