NPF MP will oppose Citizenship Bill in Rajya Sabha: Shurho

NPF MP will oppose Citizenship Bill in Rajya Sabha: Shurho

Dimapur, January 12: The Naga People’s Front (NPF) on Saturday made its stand clear against the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill passed by the Lok Sabha on January 9.
“We are against the Bill from the very beginning and we will never agree to such act which opens the gate of population politics to suppress our rights of living in our own land,” said NPF president, Dr Shürhozelie Liezietsu in a statement.
The Union Cabinet had approved the Citizen (Amendment) Bill on 7th January 2019 which was instantly passed by the Lok Sabha on 8th January 2019.
“This was a nude exposure of the brute force applied by the NDA Government at the Centre which had shown total disregard to the sentiments of the people of the country, particularly the people of the Northeast,” said Shürhozelie.
Stating that it sounds good when the Nagaland Cabinet resolved to request the Centre to review and re-examine the Bill in spite of the fact that their Chief Minister had already declared not to oppose the Citizenship Bill on national screen, he said, “It may be a logic too simple for the people to understand.”
The Nagaland MP of Lok Sabha is member of the NDA who supported the Bill in passing it. The Nagaland MP of Rajya Sabha is a member of NPF who will go against the Bill, however, insignificant a single vote among many, the statement said.
“We will do this to clarify our stand in clear term. Come what may, we will take this stand to defend the rights of our people because this controversial Bill is not only threatening our future but a move to wipe out the indigenous people of the whole North East, a challenge too costly to explain at the moment,” added Shürhozelie. (Page News Service)