Friday, July 30, 2021
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NPF LP reacts to NDPP statement

The NPF Legislature Party is amused by going through the statement issued by Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party (Facta Non Verba meaning in Law’s term Acts not Words) on 30/06/202. The statements and press releases made by the NPF Legislature Party were strictly based on the spheres of the Governance of the State headed by the Chief Minister. It will serve much better if the NDPP Media & Communication Committee read and understand atleast some of the pertinent Constitutional Law of India and the Rules of the Executive Business framed under the mandate of the Article-166 of the Constitution of India. After all, as a political party we are expected to deliver good services to the Public Interest with honesty and integrity.
As Legislators of the 13th House of Nagaland Legislative Assembly and also the largest single party majority in the Assembly not only as the Principal Opposition to the Government the NPF Legislature Party has the overwhelming people’s mandate with us and therefore our voice represents the majority voice of the people of Nagaland. The NPF Legislature Party being the majority party in the House the NDPP wishes can only be sympathized.
When the voice of the NPF Legislature Party is summarily rejected by the ruling conglomerate (PDA) not by rational nor by truthfulness but through their numerical strength and arrogances of the NDPP Leadership we have to approach the good Offices of the Hon’ble Governor of the State so that necessary remedial measures are initiated by the Hon’ble Governor under the competency of the constitution of India.
Under the relevant Constitutional provisions the Hon’ble Governor of Nagaland can accord and grant prosecution sanction against those Ministers including CM who are otherwise appointed by the Governor.
1.Where it appears, in individual observation of the Hon’ble Governor that, the Govt. of the day is functioning with manifest illegality floating all norms of codal procedure of parliamentary procedures.
2.Where, it appears that there is every likelihood of breakdown of rule of law in the State.
3.Where there is unprecedented mismanagement of Governance owing to large scale corruption.
4.Where the Govt. failed to execute its responsibilities and exercise its powers within the ambit and parameters of law and the Constitution.
5.Where the Govt. failed to function transparently in adherence to the ideals of welfare state.
6.Where the democracy itself will be at stake due to large scale corruption being carried out by the Govt.
7.When there is overwhelming materials showing prima facie case of corruption against the Govt.
The memorandum which the NPF Legislature Party has submitted to the Hon’ble Governor is stand-firm and more valid for a Central competent investigative agency/agencies to probe with due prosecution sanction accorded/grant under his Constitutional competencies at the earliest.
It will be further better served on the part of the NDPP party workers to go through the clauses of the MOU of 27/05/2005 which we have already handed in our previous press statement. For the sake of NDPP workers we hereby quote some of the OBLIGATIONS entered therein;
“AND WHEREAS, the three parties would like to affirm the independent nature of the CIHSR Society and undertake to guard its autonomy of function in its governance, in its appointment, termination, and recruitment of personnel and in its admission to various courses.
AND WHEREAS, three parties hereto are desirous of recording terms and conditions for the conduct of the business of this collaboration.
NOW THEREFORE this Agreement witness the as under
B.OBLIGATION OF SECOND PARTY (Govt. of Nagaland)1-13
Due to want of space OBLIGATIONS of the three parties are not provided herewith but as stated before any concerned citizens can obtain this MOU form the offices of the Chief Secretary, Principal Secretary H&FW and Principal Director H&FW besides the Department of Law & Justice.
It is not necessary material at all to make comment of the so called yeoman services of the CIHSR today in this rejoinder because such so called yeoman services are already mentioned in the articles of OBLIGATIONS of the THIRD PARTY.
The other relevant issues which NDPP has referred in their Statement like Sovima Cricket Ground, Chiethu Airport need not be repeatedly explained since it is already in the notice of the Hon’ble Governor through our memorandum.
The NDPP Party claims that they are running a transparent Govt. and all financial appropriation. So much of a transparency!
The NPF Legislature Party do-hereby demand to lay on the table of Public Domain all the Financial Grants made by the GOI:-
1.PM Special Packages for COVID-19 Pandemic
2.Union Finance Ministry grant/sanctions for COVID-19 Pandemic
3.Ministry of H&FW
4.Home Ministry
5.DONER Ministry
7.Barrowing & loan taken under different Financial Institutions both from Private & Public Undertakings indicating rate of interest from such Financial Institutions.
8.From which Fund/Chargeable Head the Rs. 30 crores was taken out and given to the CIHSR
9.Whether Notice Inviting Tender (NIT) was floated in the public domain
A. How many Firms had submitted tender?
B. Publish the Name & addresses of the different registered Firms and
C. What were their quoted rates for the Construction of Pre-Engineered Acute Care Facility for 200 bedded Hospital at CIHSR?
10.Where is the clearance given by:-
A. Department of Planning & Co-Ordination
B. Finance concurrence
C. The State Cabinet
To transfer such huge amount to the tune of Rs.30 crores to the CIHSR which is a completely Private Autonomous Society as per the MOU 27/05/2005.
The answers to the above stated questions are immediately demanded to the incumbent Govt. of the State in the larger interest of Public Service.
The NPF Legislature Party once again demands to the good Offices of the Hon’ble Governor to invoke His Constitutional competencies and grant necessary Prosecution Sanctions to the competent Central investigative Agency so as to book the culprits and obligation of the due process of Law.
It is hereby reminded to the NDPP that their PDA Government will dislodge by its own weight and contradictions but not by the NPF pressure rather the NPF is not interested in such toppling game even-though it is within the ambit of the political game.
Imkong L. Imchen
NPF Legislature Party

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