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NPF Legislature Party requests Governor to probe misuse of funds

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Imkong Imchen says tripartite MoU Obligations doesn’t include Govt. funding of CIHSR

DIMAPUR, JUNE 22: Citing the Nagaland Government’s controversial decision to grant Rs 30 crore to Christian Institute of Health Sciences and Research (CIHSR) and other instances of alleged financial misappropriation, the NPF Legislature Party has appealed to the Governor of Nagaland to “institute a competent investigative agency from the Government of India” at the earliest and probe the matter.

Senior NPF leader and Spokesperson of NPF Legislature Party, Imkong Imchen issued a statement on Tuesday reminding that he was the only Legislator besides the then as well as incumbent Chief Minister to be present when the tripartite Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed on May 27, 2005, among Christian Medical College & Hospital Vellore (first party), Government of Nagaland (second party), and Emmanuel Hospital Association (third party).
The MoU of May 27, 2005, he said has to be treated as an addendum to the original MoU signed on January 25, 2005, between Government of Nagaland and Emmanuel Hospital Association.
And under the MoU of May 27, 2005, there were 8 Obligations for the first party, 13 Obligations for the second party, and 5 Obligations for the third party, he said.
“The CIHSR is a complete autonomous institution owned by a Society under the Societies Registration Act of 1860, and whereas, there is no mention of funding under the Scheduled Obligation on the part of Government of Nagaland (second party)”, the senior Legislator pointed out.
While Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio has granted Rs 30 crore to CIHSR “to the dismay of the people of Nagaland”, he said, the former has not mentioned from which “Chargeable Head” of account/fund the amount of Rs 30 crore was set aside for the CIHSR.
Imchen said that a sizeable number of PDA Cabinet Ministers were not aware of the Cabinet decision taken in this regard. “In other words, the Chief Minister has bypassed his Cabinet in this regard”, he stated.
He also referred to a reported statement by Sachin Jaiswal, the State Nodal Officer Acute Care Facility (ACF), that work at CIHSR has already started after Glocal Healthcare Systems Private Limited had projected a low cost construction project, and the Department of Health and Family Welfare accepted the ACF after necessary clearance was obtained from the Law and Justice Department.

“We are talking about the granting of Rs 30 crore to a Private Hospital from out of the State Fund without floating required Notice Inviting Tender. Vetting of the proposal by the Law and Justice Department is secondary as far as Rules of the Executive Business of the Government of Nagaland is concerned. The clearance by the Department of Planning & Co-ordination and Department of Finance is a mandatory requirement and ultimately approval by the Cabinet as far State Financial Transaction Procedures/Appropriations are concerned”, Imchen said, adding that “such shallow defence and excuses” cannot withstand the scrutiny of Law.
He pointed out that there is an ongoing construction of a Medical College at Kohima “which has already crossed all its stipulated timeline for completion”.
In a way, he added, this is the only Nagaland Government Medical College, which has been left unattended for the last several years.
“The infrastructure and related facilities attached to the District Hospitals, Community Health Centres, Primary Health Centres and Sub-Centres are lying in total shambles due to lack of basic minimum fund requirement. Besides the health infrastructures, staffing patterns are in total jeopardy. No District Task Forces were granted any meaningful funds except imposing lockdown after lockdown without making any rational or logistical arrangements. The Government of Nagaland is reportedly fighting the COVID-19 pandemic but only in the air”, said the Legislator.
In the meantime, he said, the State’s financial position is in total jeopardy “without any accountability, not to talk about transparency in public domain”. (Full text of the statement )
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