Monday, May 17, 2021

NPF Kohima questions CM on Naga integration, Citizenship Bill

Dimapur, June 22: The Naga People’s Front, Kohima Division has ridiculed the statement made by Chief Minister, Neiphiu Rio on June 12 that the integration of the Naga contiguous area is not possible and also the PDA Government will not oppose the Citizenship Amendment Bill 2016.
In an emergency meeting on Friday at its office conference hall, the division seriously viewed the two statements and totally rejected the claim made by the Chief Minister.
On the integration issue, the Kohima Division said the NPF has been advocating for the integration of all Naga contiguous area and to live under one administrative umbrella. “Integrating the Naga inhabited areas and desire of the Naga people to live under one single administrative umbrella is not the only wish-dream of the NPF party, but it is the wishes of the Naga people since time immemorial when we go the Naga history,” it said.
“Therefore, how can a Chief Minister simply just announce that integration is not possible at this juncture while the Naga political dialogue is still going on and the solution is yet to arrive at between the GoI and the Naga National Groups. The Naga people is eagerly waiting for amicably and acceptable solution to the Naga political issue,” it said while not ruling out that the Naga integration issue is being used by the NDPP to bargain with the BJP leaders at Central “for the reason best known to them”.
On the Citizenship Amendment Bill 2016, the NPF Kohima said being the Chief Minister “he can never trade with the future of the Naga people.”
“It is a known fact that despite the introduction of ILP and Article 371 (A), Nagaland has become the most vulnerable state for the illegal immigrants and the Citizenship Bill is nothing but simply a multiplication table to increase more illegal immigrants into our land,” it said.
The Kohima Division strongly demanded the Chief Minister to spell out his clear stand to the Naga people on the two issues and not divert the issue any longer.
The Kohima Division also reminded the NDPP that the NPF President Dr Shürhozelie Liezietsu has at no point of time in his by-election campaign spoken or went against any religion or used any inflammatory speeches which will promote feelings of enmity, hatred and ill-will and creating disharmony between different communities on the ground of religion as accused by the NDPP. “The President have only spoken about the Article 25 which safeguard every religion and urged to defend the Christian faith,” it claimed.
The Division also strongly condemned the NDPP for calling its president as ‘liar’, which it said is nothing but a serious character assassination allegation and asked the NDPP to produce the evidence of their allegation.
(Page News Service)