Sunday, April 11, 2021
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NPF indicts CM for contradictory stands


Dimapur, June 29: The Opposition party in the state has once again targeted Nagaland Chief Minister, Neiphiu Rio on various issues and accused him of contradicting himself during the past 3 months.
In a press communiqué, the Naga Peoples Front (NPF) stated that the Chief Minister had announced that his Government would not oppose the Citizenship Amendment Bill 2016 because Article 371 (A) and ILP regulations provided safeguard to the Nagas but he contradicted himself when he maintained that his Government would oppose the Bill if any part of it went against the interest of the Nagas.
The NPF asked when should the Nagas oppose the Bill ~ whether before the matter is placed on the floor of Parliament or after the Bill is passed.
It said after passing the Bill or Act by both the Houses of Parliament, a single state cannot change or amend the Bill and as such, instead of confusing the people with his indecisive and contradictory statements, the Chief Minister must clearly spell out on what grounds his Government is supporting the said Bill.
On the Naga integration issue, the NPF said it is totally wrong on the part of the current Chief Minister to declare that Naga integration would be subjected to the agreement of the neighbouring States which was done to please his political masters and neighbouring States at the cost of the legitimate right of the Nagas.
Stating that Nagas are not demanding Naga integration from neighbouring States as they are the obstacles to the long standing demand of the Nagas, the NPF said it is the duty of the Interlocutor, who represents Government of India (GOI), to discuss with the concerned States where Nagas have been living since time immemorial.
On Chief Minister’s reported statement that Myanmar Nagas (NSCN-K) should seek a separate settlement with Myanmar Government, the NPF asked where would the Nagas, or Nagaland within the NSCN (K), stand under such an arrangement.
The NPF alleged that the Chief Minister tried to backtrack from what he had mentioned and today he is inviting the NSCN (K) to come back and resume ceasefire with the Government of India, which clearly portrays his contradicting approach.
“In order to shut down his own controversial statement and bring confusions and misunderstandings to rest, the Chief Minister must apologize before the Naga political groups and the Naga people at large,” it said.
In regards to cancellation of NDPP’s registration, the NPF said it has not filed any petition before the Election Commission of India (ECI), as alleged by the Chief Minister. It said the matter came to light through the notice issued by the ECI based on the petition filed by Zeneisiile Ate Loucii. The NPF asked the Chief Minister to spell out which petitioner belonged to NPF party and clearly identify the person instead of putting fabricated stories in public domain.
In regards to his 100 days commitment, the NPF said the Chief Minister had blamed the recently held Lok Sabha bye-poll, “which was no other than his own creation and after some days, he would surely blame the monsoon rain as if he is not aware of the rainy season in Nagaland”.
The NPF further questioned the PDA Government’s silence on the confirmed deficit figure of the Reserve Bank of India for the financial year 2013-14 and 2014-15 despite the request of Leader of Opposition, TR Zeliang, in a letter addressed to Speaker, Nagaland Legislative Assembly.
It also asked why the PDA Government has not disclosed the names of contractors and the total amount allocated to respective district headquarters for renovation and filling of potholes under its infamous 60 days initiative, stating that it is an insult and mockery to the intelligence of the citizens of Nagaland.
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