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NPF in opposition-less Govt. only for ‘political reason’: Shürhozelie

DIMAPUR, AUGUST 25: Breaking his silence on NPF MLAs joining the opposition-less Government in Nagaland, NPF president Dr Shürhozelie Liezietsu today said his party is joining the “new exercise only for political reason”.

“In the true spirit of regionalism, we decide our own destiny by ourselves and, therefore, we have endorsed our Legislature party to join the new exercise only for political reason. It is hoped that people of Nagaland will understand if any political party is against this move, because what we called ‘political reason’ needs no further explanation for the Nagas”, he said.
The NPF chief was reacting to “some unfounded remarks about NPF” reported in a local daily that claimed “NPF is willing to revive DAN Alliance with BJP to replace NDPP”.
Shürhozelie maintained that the present exercise to have an opposition-less Government in the Nagaland Legislative Assembly is a matter that lies purely within the parameter of the MLAs in the Nagaland Legislative Assembly.
“Political parties have nothing much to do with it except to advise their own Legislators in their own line wherever need arises”, he maintained.
According to him, coming together of the MLAs does not mean coming together of the political parties.
“Political parties will continue to remain as it is. Towards this end, NPF’s stand is simple and clear; (a) that NPF Legislators will join this experiment for political reason only, which is issue based; and (b) that they will not ask or accept anything from the Government. Under the circumstances, one can presume that this exercise will in no way disturb the smooth sailing of the present Government”, he said.
Shürhozelie maintained that the NPF being the main regional political party representing the people of Nagaland, “we have been trying to keep good relationship with everyone and as such we have no ill will against any political party.”
NPF belongs to the people, we are only having the opportunity to look after it, he said.
Shürhozelie also clarified that the NPF have never said anything of wanting to revive its alliance with BJP.

“We understand the best Naga tradition of what is considered ‘shame’ and so we have never said anything as alleged. BJP was with us from 2003-2018 and we have given them full protection even at a time when there was no BLP MLA in the Legislative Assembly. But it is best known to the people of Nagaland that BJP themselves walked away from NPF in search of greener pasture.
“In one way they had pulled our legs betraying their trust only at the eleventh hour of the last General in 2018. But we have no regret and we have no ill will against any one for it. As such, there is no justification for BJP to remain hesitant to this far for fear of a political party forgetting their responsibility to support peace process. NPF has done nothing wrong against anyone including BJP,” he added.
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