Sunday, January 17, 2021
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NPF grills Govt on Naga issue; seeks clear status of talks


Kohima, February 7: Opposition Naga People’s Front (NPF) lambasted the ruling People’s Democratic Alliance (PDA) for misleading the general public on the status of Naga political issue.
Initiating the debate on the motion of thanks to the Governor’s address delivered on the first day of the budget session on January 17 last, NPF MLA Imkong L Imchen on Friday said the Government of the day is confusing the general public on the Naga political talks between Government of India and the Naga political groups.
He said Governor RN Ravi in his speech to the members had made contrasting statements on the issue saying ‘talks have concluded’, ‘we are very close to solution’ and also seeking ‘the support of all for the successful conclusion of the talks’.
On the statement that ‘talks have concluded successful on October 31 last’, Imchen asked the Government to make it clear if the talks have really concluded. He said the talks have been going on for several years but it is yet to arrive at conclusion, while the Naga people are desirous of an early solution.
MLAs Y Vikheho Swu, Chotisuh Sazo and Kuzholuzo Nienu also supported Imchen demanding that the Government should come out clear on the current status of the talks.
On Governor’s statement that the negotiation has been successfully concluded between GoI and Naga Political Groups, Vikheho Swu said “If that is so, it would be productive if the GoI discloses to the Naga people and to all the stake holders what has been agreed or negotiated so far”.
By doing so, he said it will only help clear doubts, assumptions and apprehensions and protect the process from misconception.
The Naga political movement is a peoples’ based movement asserting the rights and identity of the Nagas to live as a people, said MLA Sazo, adding that the unambiguous position taken by our forefathers to leave us alone as and when the white men leaves through the memorandum submitted in 1929 to the Simon Commission, Declaration of Naga Independence of 14th August 1947 and reaffirmation of the peoples’ desire to live as a people through 1951 plebiscite are the testimonies of the collective will of the people.
While being appreciative of the talking parties, their endeavor to usher in peace and tranquility in Nagaland, Sazo said “we must urge upon the negotiating parties to take all sections of the people into confidence so as to avoid dissensions in the future”.
“The solution should be inclusive and honorable whereby durable peace shall reign in our land,” he said.
Sazo also expressed surprise as to what has prompted the Government to create a panic situation on the Nagas in the month of October 2019. He recollected that Dimapur Airport was taken over by the Indian Air-force for sometimes, jet fighters were flown day and night in and around Nagaland while armies patrolled into the villages and raided houses randomly.
The State Government, he said, instructed its administrative officers to remain in the station, police personnel were not allowed to take leave except on medical ground and police battalion were asked to arrange sufficient rations for 2/3 months.
Out of panic situation publics were made to rush to the market for purchasing the essential commodities, he said.
“This war like situation was created to press upon the Naga talking parties to come to the conclusion of the talk on or before October 31, 2019,” he said.
Maintaining that now, the Government has been saying that the talk has been successfully concluded on October 31 last, Sazo lamented that “till now no solution has been signed nor announced either by the GoI or Naga political groups”.
“We, being the elected representative of people and also as the stakeholders, we need to know the outcome of the talk,” he said while asking the Government to explain what the meaning of “successfully concluded” and “we could be very close to it” means.
MLA Nienu said the Governor’s address is confusing Naga people as he says ‘very close to solution’ as well as ‘concluded’.
The entire world knows the Naga peace talks is yet to be concluded, and therefore the Government must spell out the actual status of the ongoing Naga political negotiations, Nienu maintained.
Minister for Health and Family Welfare, S Pangnyu Phom from BJP and Advisor for IPR and SCERT, NDPP MLA Toshi Wungtung spoke in support of the motion of the thanks. (Page News Service)