NPF flays random ILP checking in Dimapur

NPF flays random ILP checking in Dimapur

Dimapur, March 4: The Naga People’s Front (NPF) has expressed concern over “random and haphazard process” of ILP checking in Dimapur, and proposed putting in place a proper mechanism that will both ensure the security of genuine citizens while weeding out those who fall under the ambit of ILP.
“Unless this mechanism is in place, any attempt at enforcing ILP in Dimapur will only be a farcical exercise,” it said in a statement. The party insisted that a more thorough preparatory groundwork needs to be worked out before the actual implementation.
Reminding that the NPF was one of the proponents and still support extension of ILP coverage to Dimapur district since it is the area that is most effected and vulnerable to illegal migration, the statement said the implementation of ILP should not be used as an instrument to harass genuine non-Naga inhabitants of Dimapur or “as a means to line the pockets of few unscrupulous people.”
“We must acknowledge the contribution of several pioneering prominent citizens from Dimapur who were non-Nagas but were inhabitants even before statehood,” it said while expressing concern that the logical process of differentiating genuine non-Naga inhabitants of Dimapur from those who have only recently arrived has not been streamlined.
“Unnecessary upheaval in the society due to improper implementation of ILP rules which is yet to be formulated to its maturity has already tarnished the image of the District Administration, the PDA Government and the Nagas as a whole in the psyche of the larger community. The NPF believes in peaceful co-existence with all sections of people in the state as well as the neighboring communities and this position must not be jeopardized by knee-jerk or reactionary actions that might have repercussions in the long run.”
Stating that the party is committed to extending ILP regime to Dimapur district and is ready to cooperate or participate in any exercise to ensure its success, the statement advised the PDA Government to initiate appropriate measures so that desire of the Naga people for ILP coverage in Dimapur district is realized without relegating the process to a mockery of the Government. (Page News Service)