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NPF flays PDA Govt handling of COVID-19 situation in State

Dimapur, April 21: The Naga People’s Front (NPF) has again hit out at the PDA Government’s handling of the COVID-19 situation in the State, alleging that there are glaring loopholes that comes up every day.
In a communiqué, the NPF alleged that the Government of the day is unable to tackle the pandemic effectively despite sufficient funds under its disposal both from the Central Government as well as through the generous donations of various individuals and organizations.
“The longer this present govt. hold on the reigns the more problem it would be for the general public as they have proven themselves their incompetency in many ways to tackle the present pandemic,” it alleged.
Pointing out that the lockdown officially started only on March 24 but the warning bell of the COVID-19 pandemic was ringing as early as the first week of March 2020, the NPF said the Government of the day ought to have geared up all its machineries well ahead of time to face the situation. “It is absolutely bizarre that even after lapsed of so many days and weeks the Govt. of the day is still under preparation stage and nothing is ready on the ground which should infact prick their conscience and step down on moral ground,” it said.
On the incentives/ex-gratia for the frontline workers of the COVID-19 pandemic announced by the Government, the NPF observed that the lockdown is nearing almost 30 days now and only on April 20 the Government announced some incentives/ex-gratia for the frontline workers, which it said is “too late too little”.
“Had there been any casualty amongst the frontline workers prior to this announcement what would have been the reaction of the Govt.? Almost all the State Government have taken these measures/steps long before the lockdown or right after the lockdown was announced whereas, the PDA Govt. is taking this step only when the lockdown is about to be over and that too the amount indicated for the professionals/working person and the students is too meagre especially for those people who are stranded outside the state.”
Also stating that media plays an important role during this time of crisis and particularly at the time of pandemic, they are considered as frontline workers and risk their lives while dedicating their services, the NPF said other states have either announced ex-gratia or incentives to all Government accredited journalists as they are also in the frontline “but this time the state govt have not announce any ex-gratia or incentive for media personnel in Nagaland.”
“While performing their duties, the media should also be given a well equipped protective gear,” it added.
Pointing out the lack of co-ordination amongst the various department in managing the affairs of the present pandemic, the NPF said the high handedness of the police on duty is surfacing almost every day. “The Dimapur incident of harassing the Doctor on duty by the police is again repeated in Wokha where another Doctor namely Dr. Mhonshan Murry was badly manhandled by the police at Wokha Town which is highly condemnable. This clearly indicates lack of coordination within the Govt. which evidently reflects the incompetency of the Government. With all these incidences coupled with poor PPE Kits the question arises whether the frontline workers especially the medical fraternity would give their best to perform their duties diligently?”
Further the NPF demanded the Government to reveal the present status of the gentleman from Dimapur who was tested positive at Guwahati and the steps taken thus far for the safety of the citizens of Nagaland. (Page News Service)