Tuesday, April 13, 2021

NPF flays JD(U)’s appeal on integration

Dimapur, July 9: The Naga People’s Front (NPF) has hit out at the State JD (U) statement appealing to accept the clarification given by Chief Minister, Neiphiu Rio regarding the Naga integration issue. The party questioned as to why NPF should blindly accept the clarification given by the Chief Minister on integration of Naga contiguous areas.
“If the JD(U) is satisfied with the clarification given by CM they should cleared their position without interfering in other political party’s stand,” it said in a rejoinder.
Asserting that the JD(U) cannot insist the NPF to be satisfied with CM’s clarification, the rejoinder said as far as the NPF is concerned the aims and objectives of the NPF constitution, categorically emphasized on integration of contiguous Naga areas and it will continue to pursue till it is achieved.
The contention of the NPF was that when Naga national workers and the Government of India are trying hard to work out the solution, it is too pre-mature for the CM to announce that integration is not possible.
“As for NPF, the clarification given by the NDPP blaming the media as misinterpretation of CM’s statement which later on followed by CM clarification saying that he was simply interpreting Union Home Minister, Rajnath Singh’s view are an attempt to mislead the Naga public and a hurdle on the ongoing peace process,” it said, adding the issue is not concluded and NPF will never consider the CM’s clarification as putting the said issue to rest.
“However, if the JD (U) Nagaland is satisfied with the clarification given by the Chief Minister, they are welcome to explain their position, but should not expect the NPF to accept the clarification along with them.”
The NPF said it seriously view that “such a destructive statement coming out from the mouth of the Chief Minister of an important issue, will surely damage the ongoing peace talks and the future of the Naga people as both the entities are working hard on this contentious issue.”
The NPF also wondered as to why the PDA Government is still keeping silent over the controversial Citizenship Amendment Bill 2016 without clarifying to the people why its Government will not oppose the Bill.
“When the whole neighbouring Northeastern states particularly even the BJP ruled state, Manipur and Assam, is opposing the Bill, the PDA Government have not pointed out the benefit of enforcing the Bill in the Naga soil,” it said.
Stating that the Government of the day should take decision concerning the Naga society keeping in mind the welfare and the prosperity of its people, the NPF warned that the future of the Naga people should not be politicized just for the sake of chair and funds. (Page News Service)