Monday, June 21, 2021
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NPF ‘fantasy’ to form Govt will remain a dream: NDPP


Says PDA alliance is united & firm

Dimapur, October 13: The ruling NDPP has claimed that the “fantasy” of opposition NPF to form the Government will remain a fantasy as the PDA alliance are united and stand firm to their commitment to one another.
In a statement, the NDPP said the NPF continues to sound like an old tape recorder, repeating over and over again of how they have 26 members thus making them the single largest party.
“No one is disputing the fact that they have 26 elected representatives in the Nagaland Legislative Assembly,” it said.
The NDPP, however, pointed out that the NPF managed to secure 26 members out of 60 contested seats in the last general elections while the NDPP-BJP alliance managed to secure 30 out of the 60 seats contested. It said the NDPP-BJP alliance being a pre-poll alliance based on seat sharing was thus asked to form the new Government by the Governor since it was the largest single entity in the House.
“The rule of majority is such that a majority by a single digit is still a majority and therefore, no matter what the opposition may say, this rule cannot be manipulated to their liking as has been the case in their past,” it said.
The NDPP also clarified that it had never “lectured” the opposition legislators on the proceedings of the NLA but have only voiced displeasure at the treatment meted out to the august office of the NLA Speaker. “It is most unfortunate that the Naga Peoples Front have taken it as a “lecture” to their MLAs since we are well aware that every single elected representative is a mature adult equipped to make decisions that will impact the lives of their electorates and need no lecturing from anyone unless the NPF “lectures” their own,” it said.
But the NDPP said it will continue to defend any insult meted out to the sanctity of the office of the Speaker and the Nagaland Legislative Assembly which are the upholders of democracy and the house of the people.
On the recent statements of NPF president and Leader of Opposition made in the CEC meeting of the NPF, the NDPP said it was amusing since they “seem” to know more about the internal matters of the PDA better than the growing frustration amongst their own rank and file.
“The two leaders of the NPF also seems to be confused themselves since they cannot seem to make up their minds on whether they will form the government or not! On one hand, the say that they will very soon form a “coalition” government and the very next moment they state that the rumours to lure the alliance partners are fabricated lies. How will it even be possible for the opposition to try and form a government with just 26 members unless they are actually thinking and plotting of trying to lure away members of the PDA,” it said.
Asking the NPF to accept the fact that the mandate of the people have gone against them in the last general elections, the NDPP said if NPF want to form a Government, they should first win the elections with the mandate of the people possessing the necessary numbers to do so.
The peoples mandate is with the PDA and will remain so for the next five years despite the attempts of the Naga Peoples Front trying their best to use all forms of underhanded operations, it said.
On the statement of opposition MLA, Yitachu regarding the matter with the Election Commission of India, the NDPP said this is nothing new since all his theories have been proved wrong till today.
The matter with the Election Commission of India has been listed for hearing and since the matter is subjudice, it is best for the legal process to take its course, it said while expressing confidence that the ruling will be in its favour since all papers, document and legalities are in order.
Declaring that Naga people will not be fooled again by the tall promises of the NPF to provide a stable Government, the NDPP said the PDA Government will provide stability and unity, saying the expectations of the people that have been put on our shoulders by the mandate of the people will not go in vain.
The PDA government is here to stay and our government will not be swayed or falter by false rhetoric’s and allegations of the opposition, it added. (Page News Service)