Sunday, September 26, 2021
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NPF doublespeak exposed: NDPP


Dimapur, May 22: The NDPP today claimed to have exposed the ‘double speak’ of the NPF and questioned the level of lies and deceit the opposition party have been feeding the people.
In a press release, the NDPP said the NPF attended the meeting of opposition parties headed by the Congress party in New Delhi on May 21 and the meeting cum dinner of all NDA partners organized by BJP president Amit Shah on the same day in Delhi.
To substantiate its claim, the NDPP also provided attendance list of both the meeting. As per the list, NPF secretary general and MP Rajya Sabha), KG Kenye along with his PRO, Dr SR Nareshram attended the opposition parties meeting while Manipur NPF unit president attended the NDA meeting.
The NDPP expressed surprise that the NPF attended the NDA meeting when the party has publicly declared to withdraw support to the BJP in Manipur. This is the “most shameful political gimmickry” in recent times, it said.
“Does the opposition party have not an iota of self-esteem that they have to demean itself so low? And with what audacity did they decide to face the BJP whom they have not only hurled insult after insult at over the last more than one year, but with their recent decision,” it asked.
“How much more blatant can the NPF become in openly declaring that they want to cut the cake and eat it too? Is this the kind politics that the NPF is going to give the Naga people?”
Expressing shock at the actions of the NPF, the NDPP said it for the people to judge whether the politics of the NPF is rife with double speak or not. \
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