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NPF denounces CM’s “barking” statement

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DIMAPUR, NOVEMBER 16: The Naga People’s Front (NPF) has rejected Chief Minister, Neiphiu Rio’s recent statement in the media that wherein he has termed the Opposition party voicing for the extra tax levied on petroleum products by his PDA Government as ‘barking’ and said that Rio’s comment is nothing but a sheer sign of arrogance or maybe he is exhausted with other words to defend himself.

The NPF expressed surprise over the Chief Minister terming the opposition NPF as simply barking for raising the public concern issues.
“How can a Chief Minister of a State behave like a dictator and trying to shut the mouth of the Opposition party for opposing his Government ‘cruel decision’ over the heavy tax levied on petroleum?” it questioned.
When his Government failed to drain the public money by the name of ‘Covid-Cess’, again his Government came up with new formula to extract the suffering public money, the NPF alleged.
Stating that every state is running through difficult times due to the pandemic, the NPF said the Government has no right to drain the public pocket at the cost of their livelihood.
There are many ways and means where the Government can regain its deficit but not through the right of the people to Food and Shelter, it added.
A press release issued by NPF Press Bureau stated that the Naga public cannot be carried away with his statement that the petroleum prices in Nagaland are lower than our other neighbouring states.
“When our neighbouring states like Manipur, Mizoram and Arunachal Pradesh to mention a few and whose states, the transportation route covers more distance than our state is cheaper in petroleum rate, then how can the Chief Minister claimed that even after his Government impose huge tax percentage, Nagaland petroleum prices is still lower than other neighbouring states?,” it asked.
The NPF reiterated its demand to immediately roll back the tax levied on petroleum and said no amount of justification should be given by the Government at the expenses of the public.
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