NPF demands clarification from CM on Citizenship Bill


Dimapur, June 16: The Naga People’s Front (NPF) has demanded a clarification from Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio on why he opposes the integration of the Naga people and supports the Citizenship Bill.
“The NPF is not concerned under what obligation or compulsion Rio have bowed down to such stand for the future of the Naga people but the NPF, which represent the identity of the Naga people will continue to fight for the rights of the Naga people. So long the Nagaland is ruled by Rio and NDPP party, the future of the Naga people is at bleak,” the party said in a press rejoinder.
On the statement by the Chief Minister that the Article 371 (A) is good enough status to protect the Nagas and therefore the PDA Government will not oppose the Citizenship Amendment Bill 2016, the NPF asked the CM to point out under which Clause of Article 371 (A) is Nagaland protected from the Citizenship Bill.
“How far the Naga people is protected for the last 55 years under the Article from illegal immigrants at Dimapur and adjoining areas,” it asked.
The NPF maintained that support for the Citizenship Bill by the PDA Government will invite the influx of illegal migrants into Naga soil to swallow the Nagas and turning Nagaland into another Tripura state where the tribal is minority at present.
On the two issues, the NPF said Nagas NGOs and civil societies should raise their opinion, either negative/positive, as it is collective effort that can protect and defend the destiny of Naga people.
The NPF also hit out at the NDPP for claiming that the NPF have endorsed the booklet of the NPCC by dragging the name of NPF leaders, C Apok and SI Jamir. It reminded the NDPP that any person/persons, be it from any political parties, that joins the NPF party and subscribe the constitution of the party and adhere to the party aims and objectives is an active NPF members. “Therefore, the allegation of the NDPP does not hold any water,” it said.
The NPF also wondered as to why the NDPP brings up the educational qualification of the leader of opposition again and again in the media which, it said, is a “childish game as the matter has already been settled in the Supreme Court of India.”
(Page News Service)