Friday, April 16, 2021
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NPF demands action against Patton for breach of election rules


Dimapur, April 12: The Naga People’s Front (NPF) has vehemently condemned State Deputy Chief Minister, Y Patton for violating the election model code of conduct as well as breaching the clean election slogan.
The NPF demanded the Chief Election Officer, Nagaland to immediately take stringent action at the earliest against Patton so that Nagaland can be saved from all anti-social elements, particularly during the electioneering process, and set an example. It also asked the CEO to immediately take action against the erring Government officials who were deputed there as presiding officers and polling officers for encouraging and allowing such mal-practices to take place.
“The NPF is taken aback and shocked to come across in the provided video, which is going viral the nefarious act of Patton wearing the saffron party traditional scarf and entering inside the polling booth and clearly seen as per the evidence provided was casting votes for unprecedented 8 eight times in his home constituency 31 Riphyim old polling station under 37 Tyui A/C on the polling day on 11th April 2019,” it said in a condemnation letter.
“It is never in the wildest dream we expect from a leader, in the form of Deputy Chief Minister who also holds the Home Department, instead of advocating and guiding the future generation to be sensible with the law and order has totally violated and defied and demoralized the virtue of the law abiding citizens.”
The NPF reminded that the Election Commission of India has set an election rules that the display of parties’ election symbol in any forms within the parameter of 200 metres from the polling booth on the day of the polling day is strictly prohibited by the political parties or candidates. “But the number 2 in the PDA Government has defied all norms and regulation set in the election code of conduct by the ECI and entered wearing the most traditionally BJP saffron scarf inside the polling booth to cast his votes,” it stated.
Another stunning show of the video, the NPF said, is that Patton is clearly seen casting proxy voting 8 times breaching the long cherished demand of clean election “one man one vote”, which is not only advocated by Government agencies but by the Churches, civil societies, etc. “How can we expect one of our tall leaders in the state setting such a shamelessly example to our sensible future generation,” it added.
(Page News Service)