Thursday, June 24, 2021
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NPF dares PDA to prove transparency claim; Seeks answers to 10 questions from Govt.

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DIMAPUR, JUNE 9: The NPF Legislature Party has asked the ruling PDA in Nagaland to prove its claim of “running a transparent Govt.” by coming out clean in public domain on the COVID-19 fund management.
In a rejoinder to the PDA’s claim of running a transparent Government and accusing the opposition party of “creating sensationalism” for raising questions on the Government’s COVID-19 management, NPFLP spokesperson Imkong L Imchen sought answers to 10 questions from the PDA “if at all they are running a transparent Govt. in order to establish the accountability of their claim of transparency.”

‘Plenipotentiary authority’
Asking when and on what mandate the High Powered Committee (HPC) for COVID-19 was conferred plenipotentiary authority to take decision even to divert Voted Money for COVID-19 pandemic, the NPFLP reminded that the Home Department Notification NO.GAB/COM/Gen-1/2020 dated Kohima the 1st June 2020 is confined only for COVID-19 related matters and there is no mention of conferring plenipotentiary authority to the HPC.
“Under what mandate the HPC was conferred to deduct and divert 25% from LADP to fight the COVID-19 pandemic without even consulting the opinion of the Leader of Opposition (LOP)?
“Under what mandate the HPC has authority to supersede the State Planning Board which is a Statutory body?” it asked.
‘Rs 30 cr for CIHSR’
Also questioning under what mandate the HPC has granted Rs 30 crores for the 176-bed Hospital at CIHSR (Private Hospital) from out of the pro-rata cut 2021-22 savings, Imkong wanted to know when did the Government of Nagaland take over the CIHSR from private institutions.
“What is the legal status of the MOU entered on 25th Jan 2005 and 27thMay 2005 between Govt. of Nagaland, Emmanuel Hospital Association and Christian Medical College & Hospital Vellore respectively?
“After having established 176-bed hospital who will man the Hospital (staff, medical officers, nurses and ministerial staffs, etc)? If it has to be the Second Party (Govt. of Nagaland) from which fund this establishment cost (salary & pension) will be borne?” he asked.
The NPFLP also wanted to know whether any Notice Inviting Tender (NIT) was floated in the public domain for the construction of the 176-bed Hospital at CIHSR.
Are all the District Hospitals equipped with CT-Scan and X-ray machines and COVID-19 testing machine Truenat, testing kits, etc? And are they all functioning, it asked.

Stating that town ward/colony authorities and village councils of the State are the main frontline workers fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, the NPFLP further asked whether the PDA Government has allotted any funds to the town ward/colony authorities and village councils of the State.
“The NPF Legislature Party and its organizational wing as the principal opposition party put forward the above mentioned questions to the ruling dispensation of Nagaland to immediately lay with specific and detailed answers on the table of public domain for proper scrutiny and further necessary action in the larger interest of public service”, it added.
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